Web Development Tips for an E-business Company

by Naman Jain - Date: 2008-10-01 - Word Count: 379 Share This!

The Internet and the websites are the best way in which an organization can contact and communicate with their clients and customers. This is also one of the most essential feature that is kept into consideration when web development services are being carried out for a website. Here are some of the factors that you need to keep in mind while you are developing a contact us form for your website.

Now that you have already stepped into the world of Internet communication, it is advised that you make the most of it. The web is primarily used for communication these days, people contact businesses and their clients through the Internet. Hence, there are some essential web development factors that you need to consider before designing the contact us form for your website. The biggest mistake most web developers do is, that they make your contact us form too descriptive. This is generally not a very good thing to do on a website. It is quite unwelcoming and discourages users from filling up the form.

What you should always remember is that the contact us form is utilized in order to make it convenient for the users to communicate with you, and the same should be downloaded to the web development team as well. Hence, make sure that your web developers are leaving sufficient place for your viewers to express their thoughts to you.

Forms on the web have been threatened with the danger of SPAM. In order to prevent this, make sure that you use CAPTCHA ie. image distorting techniques that protect computer generated bulk messages from entering your contact us data.

While your web development team is creating your contact us form, make sure that they are not adding too many compulsory information in the site. This is extremely annoying to the users and they finally get distracted and move away from the page without filling in complete details.

Last but not the least, along with all the information and communication that you are doing with your clients and customers through these forms, make sure that your web development team is also creating a 'Thank You' page for your contact us form. This adds a little gratitude and also helps build a personal relation with the users.

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