Reasons to Include Seafood in Your Regular Diet

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Eating out is always an exciting and fun thing, especially for your spouse or your children. It has become very important when you are out for weekend, mid-weekend getaways or just for having a dinner with your entire family to take care what you are eating. If you are on family getaways, you need to pay extra attention towards many things such as accommodation, attractions and dining.

The food group that you should go for during your outings is sea food. Unlike meat and poultry, sea food is very easy to digest.

Most of the nutritionists recommended that seafood should be an integral part of your regular food. Various studies and researches proved the fact that these are the best source of vitamins, minerals and fats and supplies a very important constituent known as omega-3 or good fats.

Some of the reasons why one should include sea food in his or her diet are mentioned below.

1. Fresh sea food is considered as the best friend of human heart. This may be due to the fact that this form of non-vegetarian food contains the lowest amount of fat. The fat that contained by the flesh of the fish is rich with an amazing Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is very important in order to protect the heart against heart diseases. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are also referred as 'good fats' and they are also responsible for lowering the cholesterol level in human body. Blood vessels and larger arteries relaxation also takes place due to these good fats. They also decrease the inflammatory and harmful processes in blood vessels.

2. Seafood during Pregnancy - It is proved by several researches and studies that Omega-3 fatty acid that is present in different types of fishes and shellfish is very important for complete development of unborn child. This plays a very important role in the neural and eye development of the child during pregnancy.

3. For skin & eyes - Most of the sea food is rich in various vitamins and minerals. This assures you to get a great healthy and glowing skin. It also helps to get good eye sight.

4. The sea food oils also help to lower the blood pressure level of the people suffering from hypertension. This oil is also able to prevent osteoporosis as it helps our bone to absorb the calcium and prevent them from becoming weak and brittle.

5. Sea food also helps to lose weight as it contains fat free oil. It also strengthens your immune system. This may be due to the reason that it contains very high amount of antioxidants with some very important vitamins such as E, C, D and A.

These antioxidants are responsible for boosting the immune system of human body.

Most of the people are concern about the risk involved in consuming seafood due to contamination that may risk their health, but this can be minimized or avoid by selecting the right kind of seafood. It is always better to eat seafood fresh, if it is not possible then they should be properly stored in the freezer as the sea food especially fish tends to rot quite easily.

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