Using Video Media Sites To Show Off Your Business Venture

by Nathian Jackson - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 412 Share This!

Sometimes the hardest part of starting out on your own venture is getting the right exposure. In the past it took thousands of dollars to get noticed because you had to advertise on local television channels or in the newspaper. Now you can advertise for less money on the Internet and get a greater reach thereby increasing your chance of successful acquiring new customers.

One such example can be found on many of the business media websites which I will explain briefly here. Have you ever seen those animations that look just like a Pixar film or Disney movie? They are funny cartoons or meaningful thoughts which everyone loves and not just because they look great but because someone really put their thought into the small flick. These are advertisements which are discretely placed. They will not appear like advertisements because they only show their company name in small print and it appears just like another copyright or just a tag line. Similar to why in the beginning and the end of a movie you see names of actors and companies that helped produce the film, it is an advertisement for them.

It just goes to show you that things can be done tastefully. Depending on your business venture you can create something which will attract the right attention and help jump start your business, hopefully launching it into sky rocketing sales and profits. One key element to always use is simplicity, too much clutter; too much text can loose the attention or confuse people. Make sure to use this tip within your websites and marketing videos.

Some things need to be portrayed simply. A very good example is the online movie rental business like netflix and blockbusters. They need to have very simple interfaces so any user can go online and use the website. But still there are many people who remain skeptical for whatever reason. Therefore, they have both created simple adverts that portray a computer screen going through the motions of renting movies online with the correct tag lines, music and teaching aids it turns into a very simple advert that no one hates and will attract new business.

So use the tools which are out their and promote your business on sites such as and others. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Just remember to do it tastefully, you do not want to make the wrong impression because it will linger and wrong impressions are hard to change.

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