Does My Home Insurance Cover Me For Flood Damages?

by Derek Rogers - Date: 2008-05-22 - Word Count: 490 Share This!

Flooding can happen at any moment and for any reason. Mother Nature can run her course and create flood conditions or a water main may break. At any rate, no matter how it happens, if you experience flooding within your home it is stressful, worrisome, and hard to deal with. At the same time, you have the question is flood damage covered by my home insurance?

The one thing you want to understand is that in most cases, flooding is not covered on general home insurance. You may see clauses that state water damage, but essentially, flooding by acts of God or manmade items are not covered. It is truly very important to understand your policy and discuss options with your insurance agent to be sure that you have the coverage you need.

Far too often, many people go through thinking they have what they need, regardless of the circumstances. However, as with many instances within the last few years, people find out, the hard way, that they in fact did not have coverage for flood damage. Most insurance companies offer flood coverage, in fact all of them offer it, however, it is an additional policy, an additional source of coverage that will increase your premium.

It is important to talk with your insurance agent and discuss flood coverage. You might think that you live in a relatively safe area, free of major flooding, however, you cannot control Mother Nature or events that happen outside of your home. Having your home fully protected is the only sure way to feel comfortable and have peace of mind if the event does occur.

Flooding causes all kinds of damage. You have to deal with contamination, mould, sanitation, water damage to property and content rotting, and so much more. While flooding itself can be hectic, if the work is not performed properly, it can cause a great deal of trouble for you in the future as well.

In other words, to really know if your home insurance covers this type of damage, you want to contact your insurance agent. Talk with him or her and ask them if flooding is included in your coverage. Unless you specifically asked for it and it is a part of your premium that you pay each month, it is highly likely that you are not covered.

If you are not covered, talk with your agent about coverage. Ask what is included, what is not, and how much it will add to your premium. Flood damage coverage is one of the many things you will need to fully protect your home and your belongings. It gives you added peace of mind, knowing that if a flood does occur, you are protected and have the means to cover the cost of repairs, drying, and replacement if need be.

Does your home insurance cover flood damage? Call your agent today and find out, if not, make sure you add it, just to be on the safe side.

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