ARTEH Hotels And The 50th Anniversary Tall Ships' Races - 2006

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The Luxury Independent Hotel Chain ARTEH – Hotels and Resorts presents a unique selection of hotels in Lisbon where to stay in when visiting the 50th Anniversary Tall Ships’ Races – 2006.

The History

This Nautical Event has a particular significance for the City of Lisbon and for Portugal, as it commemorates not only the 50th Anniversary of the First Tall Ships’ Race, but also the fact of these Races being idealized, in 1954, by the Portuguese Ambassador to the United Kingdom and the London Solicitor Bernard Morgan, with the aim of gathering together the Tall Ships still operative after the 2nd World War. The other objective was to provide a way for young trainees to embark on these Sailing Ships and thus improve their personal abilities and skills, through the work and life on board and cooperation with youngsters of other nationalities.
Having succeeded to obtain the support of Lord Mountbatten and of the Duke of Edinburgh, these two seafarers, together with other influent people of the nautical world, formed a Commission to start to organize the Race, which was to be launched in 1956, with the participation of 20 large and medium Sailing Ships, amongst which were the old Sail Training Ship “SAGRES”, now in Hamburg, and the yacht “BELLATRIX”, property of the Ambassador, already dismantled.
The success of this event was such that, since that date, the Races never ceased to happen, first, every two years and after 1964, annually, accompanying the refitting and the construction of more and more new ones, the number of Training Ships participating in these Races increased to 100 or 120 units, representing countries from Europe, North and South Americas, Asia and Oceania.
Since 1956, the City of Lisbon has been connected to the Tall Ships’ Races, having received the Sailing Ships and their crews participating in the Races of 1964, 1982, 1992, 1998 (coinciding with the EXPO 98) in Lisbon, as well as the City of Oporto, which received this Race in 1994.

The Race

With about 80 Sailing Ships of various classes involved, amongst them some of the most impressive Sailing Ships of the world and the splendid Mir, built for the Russian Sail Training Association in Poland's Gdansk Shipyard in 1988, with 2,385 tons and 109.2 meters long, and a 2,771 square meter sail count.

This race will start with the reunion of the Sailing Ships at St. Malo – France, from the 6th to the 9th July, from there leaving for the First Race, with the starting line off Torbay, in the South of England, and the finishing line in Lisbon, thus replicating the original course of the 1956 Race.
The fleet of the participating ships, which is foreseen to start to enter the Tagus River as from the 17th July, will be offered an Official Programme in Lisbon, from the 20th to the 23rd July, closing on this last day, with a Sail Parade along the Tagus River.
Then, the Sailing Ships will follow in cruise to Cadiz – Spain, staying in this port from 26th to the 29th July, and from Cadiz, still in cruise, to La Coruna – Spain, where they will stay from the 7th to the 9th August.
Finally, on the 10th of August, the fleet will depart from La Coruna for the Second Race, finishing at Antwerp – Belgium, where they will stay from 19th to the 22nd August, participating in the final celebration of this important nautical event.

The Lisbon Programme

As from the 15th of July, expanding to the 20th and thru the 23rd of July, the Alcantara Dockyard, receiving this Race, will be transformed in a place of constant animation, offering Amusement, Culture and History thru the intensive contact with the things related with the sea and the nautical-maritime activities that go together with the realization of one of the biggest nautical events in the world.

About The Hotels
Hotel Aviz 

Experience Modern Lisbon with the Refinement of the Past.

Well in the centre of Lisbon, the new Hotel Aviz maintains the spirit of the Picoas Palace that had once been its home and symbolised the romantic 1940s Lisbon. Kings, movie actors, spies and the cream of society at the time all came through this hotel due to its reputation of having the most luxurious service and the best restaurant.
Bairro Alto Hotel 

A reference to Luxury in the Historical and Cultural Centre of Lisbon.

With its eyes set on Luís de Camões Square and very close to the São Carlos National Theatre in Lisbon the luxurious and cosmopolitan Bairro Alto Hotel is implanted into the former Grand Hotel de l’ Europe, where many renowned European artists stayed during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Hotel Britania 

Relive the Refinement of the Past and make your own History.

The Hotel Britania can be found in a 1940’s building designed by Cassiano Branco, renowned contemporary architect. The set of many stories, of heated conversations between the intellectuals and artists of the time, and of war time conspiracies featuring diplomats and spies, this hotel is worthy of your stay.
As Janelas Verdes

Open the windows and let in romance from an epoch gone by.

Next to the Ancient Art Museum, in the historical and romantic Rua das Janelas Verdes, there is an austere and discreet stately house, dating from the 18th century, to behold. This is a house where one wants to discover every detail, feel its romantic and welcoming atmosphere and relive the stories of a past Lisbon.

Hotel Lisboa Plaza 

Experience the atmosphere, the character and the tradition of a hotel dedicated to wellbeing.

Located next to the cosmopolitan Avenida da Liberdade, its eyes set on the botanical gardens, is the classical Hotel Lisboa Plaza, an icon of hospitality and heritage in the city of Lisbon.
Palácio Belmonte  

Read a book while occasionally watching the city of Lisbon from its roof tops.

Lisbon’s most ancient palace, the Palácio Belmonte, is set in the historical city centre on the hill of the São Jorge Castle. The Palace was built in 1449, incorporating three towers, on a forty metre boulder over the most ancient moor and roman walls in the city. In 1640, the construction of a terrace and five classical façades served to augment the palace.

Solar do Castelo  

Venture away from the safety of the battlements and conquer the city of Lisbon.

At the top of the city of Lisbon, within the walls of the São Jorge Castle, the noble Solar do Castelo was born, fruit of the refurbishment of the Palace of Kitchens, built in the second half of the 18th century on the grounds of the ancient Royal Kitchens.
York House 

After a well spent day or before a night spent well, retreat to the garden to delight in a candle-lit supper.

By the Tagus River, in the centre of Lisbon and receiving guests for over a hundred years, the York House resulted from the adaptation of the early 17th century Marianos Convent.

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Jose Felix is the Marketing and Communications Manager for ARTEH®, the Best Independent Hotel Chain - Publituris Awards 2004 and 2005.

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