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by JULIAN NORRIS - Date: 2009-08-04 - Word Count: 537 Share This!

I thought it was a scam when I first saw it. God knows, there are enough scams out there promising to make you money on Google. Some just take your money and run and others try to get you to fork over even more money for "advanced" programs. If you complain that the program doesn't work, they tell you its your own fault. I had just about given up the idea of opening a business online.

I've been there and done that. I sent for programs that cost between $4.99 to $37.99 and none of them helped me make a dime. Some of these phonies didn't even bother to send anything, and when I tried to get a hold of them, they had disappeared. So much for the money back guarantee. But I noticed a couple of things about this site. One, it only cost a dollar and two, it gave me immediate access to the videos online.

Well, the say that hope springs eternal, and anyway it was just a buck, really nothing much to lose there. So I forked over my dollar and settled back to watch the show. If nothing else, it would keep me entertained for awhile and it couldn't be much worse than some movies i've sat through.

I owe Google Cash Detective an apology, a big one. The videos actually did offer new ideas that I hadn't heard before. It offered techniques that didn't need a lot of time or money for me to implement. It even showed new ways to generate traffic for my website.

This isn't some magic act where "poof" you're suddenly rolling in money. You have to take the time to study and implement the ideas for your own business. My first day I made less than ten dollars, but it might have been a million as thrilled as I was to make anything. Hey, got my dollar back. It will take a little longer to recoup the money I spent on those other programs.

I've been working my online business for about three months, and while I'm not financially independent yet, I have a nice side income that grows every week. I hope that within the foreseeable future i'll be able to give up my "real" job and work online full time. My wife's not as crazy about that idea as I am. I may have to take up golf to get out of her way.

The program is offered in a series of videos and you need to watch all of them. They talk about how to chose the right products and link to an affiliate site so you don't need your own website, how to use keywords to optimize you search engine potential, and how to set up a landing page. There's a lot more. Look at all of it and get your business up and running.

This is worth a buck just for the ideas. Even if affiliate marketing isn't you thing, a lot of the information can be applied to any online business. Google Cash Detective isn't a scam, it's really a gem.

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