Have you ever just wanted to stay home and not go to work every day?

by AJs Electronics - Date: 2007-06-07 - Word Count: 325 Share This!

How can I have what I want for me and my children and still be with them when they need me most? I've never really been tired of my life but I have always wanted to be home with my kids.
My idea of a good day is making money and not having to leave my kids with others to share all the growing up fun things kids do. What fun it is to get up and look at my computer to see if I have made money. Yes I have, that is nice now I will set aside an hour or two when the kids are at school or asleep to make more.
I have always liked outside things to do, I have even driven truck so I have learned lots about what I love most and this business gives me the freedom to do what I like anytime I want and take the kids with me. That is a big plus for me, as I want to continue learning more about what I sell. If life isn't fun and your work doesn't allow you to be with your kids and be happy what have you accomplished?
It wasn't always easy because it was lots of hard work and lots of time out of my life to start with but I was still home. I kept going and kept saying to myself that it would get better in time and it has.
When I look back on what I had and what I have now, I can't believe that I am the same person. People look at me now and say how can she afford to stay home, and I just smile and say "You can do what I do, let me show you how."
If it weren't for my on line business I would still be losing out on all that my children have to offer. Let me show you how to do what I do.

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