Forums for Marketing - The Right Way!

by Stephen Pavis - Date: 2007-04-27 - Word Count: 450 Share This!

Forums have great potential for marketing but this potential is blunted by some marketers, abusive use of this medium. You will notice that some threads have been started so that two or more forum members can pretend that they do not know each other (or that they,re not one and the same person, even); these members who are in cahoots with one another will then actively discuss the business and the site as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Forums can be used for marketing purposes, but there,s a need to prioritize the needs of the members who are in the forum because they wish to share their ideas as well as to get other people,s legitimate advice. These people are not in the forums so that they can be ,taken for a ride,.

The Right to Advertise

To have the right to advertise in forums, you should become a legitimate forum member. This is not accomplished by merely registering for membership. Forum members are only legitimate forum members when they actively participate in the discussion. Their posts must be relevant to the topic being discussed, they should make sense and they should clearly indicate the forum posters, intention to help.

In short, people who have a right to advertise in forums are those who are forum members first before they,re marketers. They are people who relegate their marketing intentions to the background and prioritize their duty to help other forum members. In another way of putting it, these are people who give more to forums than what they take.

The Right Way to Market your site

To help your marketing intentions along, you should join forums whose members you wish to become your customers. After that self-serving move, though, become sincerely involved in the forum community. Be an active forum poster. Try to respond to give your two cents, worth to every issue raised. Give your honest opinions and expert advice.

Sooner or later, people will learn to trust and respect you. They will begin to directly ask you about which products you are selling or services you are offering. These people will begin to look for your website and visit you there. By being willing to help, your credibility is greatly enhanced, and people who are seeking expert advice will flock to you and become your willing audience.

Avoid posting a link to your site or to your product in the body of your post. Only do so by request or if the post clearly warrants it. Do not hire ,pretend forum posters, with whom you will carry on a deeply biased discussion. It would be better all around to restrict your self-serving links to your forum signature (which most forums allow).

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