Indestructible, Waterproof and Custom Touchpad Keyboards for Today's Ultra Keyboard Geek

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Perhaps you or you know someone who is a perpetual computer user to the extent that indestructible, military fashioned, gaming consoles and touchpad keyboards are designed for specifically them in mind.
The gaming industry rakes in billions of dollars. Due to the popularity and competition of video and computer games, every year, new and exciting touchpad keyboards, touch screens, head sets and gaming consoles are created with the hopes of making huge sales!
It’s not just the gaming community that benefits from high tech laptops and waterproof keyboards, hospitals and military personnel find real value and need for these high tech instruments.
Some Of The Latest Touchpad Keyboards On The Market Today

Waterproof, spill proof and even cleaning disinfectant proof touch pads for gamers as well as dentists and other medical fields are popular. A dentist can have his keyboard for making notes and performing other functions, all while in an environment prone to splashes. Gamers can be sure they won’t lose any connection if their Mt. Dew or pizza should come in contact with the keyboard- and if it does, a wet towel won’t cause it to lock up.


Ultra durable keyboards like the professional gaming keyboard with quiet click, 18K gold plated connectors to increase speed and a guaranteed 50 million keystroke warrenty. These types of keyboards are often used for military and other high performance industries, besides intense gamers.


Night Vision keyboards. Not sure what the popularity or the need for a night vision keyboard is besides actual combat, but someone has built it and it is for sale.


Flexible roll up keyboards can bend, fold and twist. They are made of silicone and can be rolled up in a tube. These popular keyboards come in a rainbow of colors and are found internationally. Ideal for wet or dusty environments. Great for automotive garages, dental and for journalists in remote locations.

There are a multitude of uses for all of these interesting keyboard inventions. With touch technology, ttouchpad keyboards, touch screen monitors and others are going to become much more popular as touch technology grows. From professional to super gaming geek, we all agree that advances in technology benefit all of us.

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