Are Microstakes Beatable

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1. Don't bluff -- ever.
2. Play from a starting hand set.
3. Learn to fold top pair and two pair to multiway action when oop.
4. Don't worry about bad beats, they happen to EVERYONE.
5. Bad beats build character, if you played correctly and he sucked out, then he sucked out. Remember when you sucked out? Of course not, because you will remember how 'well' you played.
6. Keep a poker journal of your own hands and bankroll management.
7. Read Dave Scharf's book "Winning at Poker"...Prolly the one of the best starting hand set guides in all of poker. Very easy to read and understand. It made me a winner 2 years ago and I haven't looked back as I climbed the stakes and developed deeper concepts from more advanced books.
8. Keep it simple, bets/raises/checks often mean exactly what you think they mean, Fancy play syndrome (FPS) is unnecessary.
NL10 is definitely definitely beatable. I started at NL2 and have grinded my way up to NL25 where I currently reside. If you are losing over many thousands of hands at micro stakes it is not bad luck you are doing something wrong. A good player has a huge edge over the micro donkeys. I had a bad run for instance yesterday I lost 3 buyins and I was playing hands well. But I carry on playing good poker and I make it all back and more, you can only lose so many hands where you are the favourite.

I've noticed that old timers say stuff like "oh even a trained monkey can beat micro stakes" well games aren't THAT easy these days but they are still plenty beatable.

Listen to advice but don't take it as gospel. Question everything. If an idea sounds good and has some success but not much don't be afraid to adapt and experiment a bit. Ultimately though following a simple algorithmic approach should bring home the moniez.

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