The Green Indoors - Great Gift Ideas for Indoor Gardeners

by Lisa Koosis - Date: 2007-05-20 - Word Count: 427 Share This!

Most people will agree that there are few things better than a beautiful garden filled with bright flowers and green galore. It's also fair to say that gardeners, those born with a green thumb, are amazing people, particularly those who garden indoors, bringing an earth touch to our everyday lives. So when it comes time to shop for the indoor gardener in your life, make sure it's as special as he or she is. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Plants: Sure. Though it may sound obvious, there really are few better gifts for a gardener than a plant. Make sure it's a special one, and one properly suited to the environment. Remember that plants require different growing conditions. Pay attention to the recipient's home. Do they have bright, sunny rooms or will they require plants that need less light? Consider picking something unusual such as a cactus garden or bonsai, or perhaps a peace lily that sits atop a fishbowl, creating a unique symbiotic environment of plant and fish. There are plants for all occasions: beautiful poinsettias at Christmas and hyacinths at Easter. There are "money" trees, purported to bring good fortune and "lucky" bamboo clusters for good luck.

Accessories: Remember that gardens aren't only for plants, and that goes for indoor gardens as well. Consider a pretty fountain that doubles as a planter, or ceramic animals that clip to the rim of flowerpots. How about a glass terrarium or a beautiful bottle that would make a great home for a bottle garden? You can even purchase sets of miniature garden tools -- including rakes, hoes, and misters -- that are perfect for indoor gardening.

Books: Most large bookstores have extensive gardening sections that usually include numerous books on houseplants. Consider a book such as "Potted Histories," which details the native environments of many common houseplants or "How to Grow Fresh Air," which illustrates which houseplants eliminate toxins from the air. The choices are numerous, and any one of these would make a great gift for your favorite gardeners.

Baskets: Perhaps several of these ideas strike your fancy, or maybe you just want to give a little something more. Then why not consider putting together a great gardening gift basket. Include seed packets for indoor plants (which often have to be ordered through a specialty catalog), miniature gardening tools, a book or two on houseplants, and perhaps a gift certificate to a plant shop.

Most of all, remember that indoor gardeners are, at their heart, nurturers. So why not nurture their gift of green with a gift of your own?

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