Change Your Light Bulbs Today to Save Energy and Money

by James T. Allen - Date: 2007-03-29 - Word Count: 319 Share This!

The light bulb Thomas Edison invented and made famous may be on its way out in the coming years, at least in the Golden State. California State Assemblyman Lloyd Levine recently introduced legislation that would ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs by 2012. This legislation, titled the "How Many Legislators Does it take to Change a Light Bulb Act," (say that 5 times fast) touts the benefits of energy-saving light bulbs, such as the increasingly popular compact fluorescent bulb or CFL, and the up-and-coming LED bulb.

The highly inefficient incandescent bulb converts only 5 percent of the energy it receives into light while pouring thousands of tons of carbon dioxide into the earth's atmosphere, as opposed to the CFL, which has a whopping 10,000 hour life span and uses only 180 kWh over those 10,000 hours. The incandescent bulb, or bulbs, as multiple would be needed, uses 750 kWh over that same 10,000 hour time frame.

Many other states are likely to follow as scorching summers are making rolling blackouts and brownouts a normal occurrence. Wide use of efficient bulbs would drastically reduce the energy drain year round, but would make a huge difference in the summer when air conditioners are running for months on end in some parts of the country.

What you can do is lead the charge starting now-why wait until 2012 or however long it takes to get legislation through the hoops of the political process. CFL's may cost a bit more up front, but can save you around $55 per bulb over the course of a year. Count the number of incandescent bulbs in your home now and then count the money you'll save. has trumpeted the use of energy efficient bulbs since its inception in 2003 and has one of the largest selections of solar and Energy Star approved lighting fixtures on the web. Do your part and switch to compact fluorescent bulbs today.

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