Home Protection Protecting your Castle

by Barry Jenkins - Date: 2007-01-06 - Word Count: 509 Share This!

Your home is your castle. It contains your most valuable possessions, not the least of which is your family. It is an unfortunate reality that criminals will exploit any gaps in your home protection system in order to invade your private domain. This can result in the loss of cash, jewelry, electronics and your sense of security. Or, even worse, it can result in the loss of a life; yours or a loved one's.

Citizens are understandably becoming more and more aware of the dangers that face them, and are looking for solutions. Home owners need complete security plans that will protect their residence and everything in it, both while they are at home and while they are away. Home protection is a top priority.

The first step in home protection is to complete a comprehensive evaluation of your home's "weak zones'. These are the aspects of your home that leave it open to attacks. By walking around the outside of your home, and looking carefully with "thief eyes" you should be able to identify any exploitable areas.

For example, windows provide an easy avenue to enter your home, especially when they are on ground level. You may also notice ways in which higher windows can be accessed either via trees or other buildings on your property.

After completing a survey of your property, it's time to obtain the self defense and home protection tools that will keep you, your family, and your cherished belongings safe. Here are some easily overlooked weak points that most homes offer to criminals, and the effective tools that will deter them.

Many of us believe that the lock on our door will be enough to keep a burglar out; if we feel that we need extra security we simply add more locks. What we do not consider is how easy conventional locks are to pick. By adding more you may slow the burglar down a bit, but not enough to deter them.

The solution is to install an unpickable lock. Advancements in technology have essentially made keys obsolete; it's time for you to get up to date with a fingerprint door lock. These locks will only allow you and your family to unlock the doors which means no keys to lose and no locks to pick.

Within your home you likely keep valuable such as jewelry, cash, and important documents. Protect your assets by keeping them safely secured in a safe. There are several models of safes on the market. The most advanced systems combine sturdy construction with fingerprint recognition access.

.When searching for a merchant that carries home protection equipment it is important that you seek one who is reputable and knowledgeable. A great place to look is at bljs self defense.com . This company offers a wide variety of items, including

fingerprint locks and safes, and provides consumers with education on self defense. In addition to the online resources, BLJ's Enterprises supplies its customers with personal attention to help ensure that they develop a home protection strategy that is right for them.

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