Banner Marketing: Spreading the Buzzword

by Deepak Kamboj - Date: 2008-04-22 - Word Count: 372 Share This!

There is nothing more staple than a banner over the web. It is all for good reasons and it is the choice of smart marketers. The use of banners was always predominant in the scenario of advertising. These ads captivate the audience and leave a lasting impact upon them. The banner marketing is widely used as a superior advertising tool. It is useful for providing effect to the campaign activities. Internet advertising has also adopted it as an efficient tool. This type of marketing has become popular enough to attract responses from Internet user base.

The increased usage of banner marketing would prove quite beneficial for the marketers. They would easily be able to find their target audience. There are around 1.15 billion regular Internet users that are active over the world. A report from shows that in August (2007), 61 billion searches were conducted globally y the users. This indicates the user inclination towards attaining information and doing interactions. Such people may search about information that is related to products and services. It signifies that there are opportunities that can be exploited by the smart business league.

The banner marketing proves helpful in this scenario because it is efficient in gaining acclaim for client's brands. It consists of various types of banner ads, which can be traditional, rectangular, square, pop up, pop under, skyscraper, half page, button, leaderboard etc. They are further categorized as interstitials, rich media and floating ads. These ads and the formats are accordingly used on need basis. These ads are also rotated over the websites for obtaining maximum reach or targeting. The ad placement can be effectively done by ROS (Run of Site), RON (Run of Network) or ROC (Run of Category).

The banner marketing is also uses targeting to ensure relevant user response. It means that awareness in the marketplace could increase dramatically. It helps in creating an influence over the viewer, when there is an event of buying decision making process. The ads are inevitably useful for promotions and even ad delivery is done with central ad server. Altogether it becomes helpful in brand positioning. These ads can be monitored as well, for performance in the campaigns. In this way, the marketers utilize the banner ads effectively.

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