Managed Email Marketing Campaigns

by Michael Brandom - Date: 2010-06-29 - Word Count: 323 Share This!

Managed email marketing is an effective way of promoting your products or services. Email is one of marketers most powerful tools, as they allow business' to communicate quickly and most importantly cheaply with their customers.

Email marketing is only effective when the information you are sending is relevant and interesting to recipients. Even though it doesn't cost much financially to send an email, it does take up time if your campaign is not targeted at specific people.

Emailing an existing customer or contact who has agreed to you sending them marketing about new products or services is a better approach than sending them to anyone and everyone, especially as it is illegal to send unsolicited emails. However, if customers have opted in to receiving emails from you in the past, then send them information on other things you think they may be of interest to them.

Although customers may have signed up to your email service in the past, you must give them the option to opt out. If someone considers your email to be junk or spam and they receive regular emails from you, they will form a bad impression of your business.

One way of attracting people to your marketing campaign is to offer them an incentive. Special discounts or services such as free delivery to customers who sign up to email updates, will ensure recipients look out for your latest email.

Monitor how effective your email marketing is so you can be sure you are not wasting your time. It is also worth thinking about how you will handle the response to your campaign, for example, will you be able to offer your product or service within the promised time if 10 per cent of the people you email respond?

Email marketing will give you valuable contact with new and existing customers, it is important you plan how you will deal with the response so nobody is left let down.

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