Should I Rent My Next Tv?

by Rob Berry-Smith - Date: 2010-10-03 - Word Count: 438 Share This!

If you feel your current TV no longer cuts the mustard, it may be time to upgrade your set. However, in the current economic climate, that may be easier said than done.

However, one solution may be to rent rather than buy your next television. But is that the right solution? Here are some of the main benefits of renting, which may help you make your decision:

1) Television and technology are changing. The advent of HD and the re-emergence of 3D means TV offers a world of exciting new developments. With programming now being made exclusively for people with access to these technologies, you could be missing out. However, buying a new TV requires a substantial outlay of cash and, within a couple of years, you may want to upgrade again but be able to afford it. Renting allows you to get the latest technology has to offer and change it for something even newer once your contract is over.

2) Do you need a second TV? If your living room TV is fine, but did eat up your home entertainment budget, you could rent a smaller TV for upstairs and avoid another expensive purchase.

3) Sometimes we make the wrong decision and there's nothing worse than spending thousands on a new TV only to decide a few weeks after purchase that we should have paid a little more for the next model up. With a rental agreement you can often upgrade to a more expensive model without any problems. You simply pay a little more each month and you can be watching shows in even better quality.

4) Once your guarantee runs out on a bought TV, any repairs or replacements will need to come out of your own pocket. That could mean trying to find money you don't have. With a rented TV, problems are dealt with as part of your agreement, so you're never left without a TV or forking out huge sums of cash.

5) The problem with having a great TV is that you start to realise it can be even greater with the right home entertainment system supporting it. However, once you've spent money on a TV, you may not have any budget left to get additional speakers or quality DVD player. With a rental, you can add all of these things (and more) to your package and get a fantastic deal.

If that's helped you decide that TV rental is the best solution for you, then why not start browsing for you next set? With TV repair as part of the package, it really is a great opportunity to have the TV you've always dreamed about.

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