How To Hold Your Childs Dream Picnic With Miniature Tea Sets And Clever Decorating

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Miniature tea sets are fun to collect and some can be quite valuable, but, perhaps the most value of them is to see the delight on your child's face when you setup a tea party picnic with them. To experience picnic paradise, try to make a billowy tent right in your backyard for a magical garden getaway. Let your children experience the sweetness of playing adulthood by letting them plan their games and manage their things used in the game.

In most recreational activities, afternoon tea parties are one of the most favorite pastimes of young girls and even boys. They would love to experience the actual feeling of serving their guests with sumptuous cups of tea and mini biscuits.

Afternoon tea parties will never be the same without a good set of miniature tea sets. These fancy little gizmos are mini replicas of the actual tea sets used by the Chinese ancestry.

With remarkable designs and embellishments, miniature tea sets provide excellent tea service to your child's friends.

Miniature tea sets come in 32-piece, 10-piece, and 7-piece sets. They are available in various designs, colors, and adornments. A complete miniature tea set includes cream pitcher, cups and saucers, teapot, and sugar bowl. It also includes harmless knife, fork, and spoon. Other miniature tea sets have additional elements such as table cloth, napkins, wicker basket.

Miniature tea sets may vary according to the designs embedded within the porcelain tea sets. Since they are made from porcelain, miniature tea sets are known for its resonance, low permeability, hardness, high elasticity, chemical attack, brittleness, translucence, glassiness, whiteness, high resistance to the flow of electricity, and thermal shock.

One of the main reasons why miniature tea sets are deemed as attractive and decorative pieces of toys for young girls and boys is that they are craftily created in such a way that the designs are made to capture everybody's heart content. After all, most people say that afternoon tea parties are always a much-see event for young ones and young-alike.

To maximize the use of miniature tea sets in your afternoon tea party, it is best that you teach your children how to organize a wonderful venue. The classiness and loveliness of miniature tea sets will be useless if the venue for the event is not properly made.

To give you and your children some great ideas on how to create picnic paradise, here are some tips:

1. Prepare the tent

Since the concept of miniature tea sets are basically designed after the philosophies and culture of China, it is highly recommended that the theme in most afternoon tea parties should be Asian-inspired setting.

For the tent foundation, drive four bamboo poles into the ground, forming the four points of a square, until they stand up straight. Or place poles in clay pots filled with wet cement instead to preserve the grass. Let cement dry completely. You should help your children in setting this one.

2. Hang the clothesline

Tie a long string or wire around the top of each pole to make a square clothesline. Drape and arrange sheer fabric over the poles and string.

3. Be artsy on decorations

Decorate the curtains with ribbons and flowers. Hang tassels, lamps, or chimes for added whimsy. With these things, you are trying to incorporate the typical setting of the Asian setting.

4. Interior designs

Inside the tent, place a woven mat on the grass. Toss in colorful pillows.

5. Accessories

Set a low coffee table at the center of the mat. Decorate the interior with fresh flowers, colorful pebbles, and scented candles to complete your Asian-inspired setting.

And to top it all off, have your miniature tea sets placed on the table with tea, cream, and sugar at hand. Snacks can be prepares too. Cookies and biscuits go well with just about any kind of tea.

You can also cook some burgers and fries but that would cost you more. The important thing here is on how your little one enjoys serving her guests and feels proud of it because of the wonderful miniature tea set that she has.

So the next time you want to create picnic paradise for your kids, keep these things in mind and buy the most wonderful miniature tea set you can find.

Alternatively, miniature tea sets are not just great afternoon tea party pieces but also fully functional decorative pieces for your China cabinet, shelves, or other display settings.

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