Duplication - How to Create Massive Duplication in a Network Marketing Business

by Aaron Parkinson - Date: 2006-12-29 - Word Count: 538 Share This!

"Duplication? What a pile of bull!"

That has been my opinion for the last 3 years. I have been a fairly successful network marketer. I have averaged about $30,000 per month. The problem has been less than 5% duplication. The end result is I burnt out. I no longer felt like I should bring people into a losing venture. I could make money all day long because of my "energy" but no one else could.

I spent the next 5 months researching people who were making above $2,000,000 per year in network marketing. Slowly I began to see a trend. They had the duplication. They did work less than me. They were happier. They all did the same four things.

The first thing they did was make signup easy for people. The ads they were running were simple to follow and allowed an efficient transition to signup. People are easily distracted and if you give them a reason to bail, they will. Your explanation of benefits should be clear and concise. Your call to action must be decisive. SIGN UP NOW.

The second thing they did was get money in people's pockets ASAP. Remember Jerry Maquire. "SHOW ME THE MONEY" People require proof of their efforts immediately. Very few people will stay focused longer than a month without any tangible results. You must establish your trust and credibility . Once that is accomplished you can market to these people forever. You can gradually move them into more and more expensive products or programs. It is better to show somebody $10 in their first week then promise them $10,000 next month.

The third thing ties in with the second. Every person I researched had a self funded proposal. This means that the leads actually paid for themselves. How does this work? You market an inexpensive product or service upfront. This can be an e-book, an inexpensive MLM, a conference. The options are endless. Once the person is in the door you teach them to market the same thing and give them a cut of the sale. Then you create a way to funnel these new customers into your primary business or product. You can use auto-responders or conference call or whatever you like. The whole point of the system is to sell people your primary product or service without paying for the lead. The lead is covered by the sale of the front end product. Once this system is set up you will have next to zero people quit. Why would anyone quit when they are marketing a business with no money out of pocket. A much higher percentage of people will stick it out until they make it.

The fourth thing that seven figure networkers do is streamline their training. You cannot talk to 10,000 people individually. The phone calls and emails will sap your time. You must set a system in place for signup, marketing training, and order placing. To accomplish this you can use websites and conference calls. Eventually most of the training can be passed on to your "leaders" in an effort to give them more "air time" If you would like to use a system that generates leads for free, creates profits right away, and supplies phenomenal training, I suggest www.profitwildfire.com

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Aaron Parkinson (aka The Lazy Loaded Guy) is a full time network marketer. After generating over 1 million dollars in direct sales he is now on a mission to assist other marketers in building profitable businesses. Aaron is the co-founder of http://www.profitwildfire.com, a self funded marketing system that shows people how to generate their own leads at no cost. You can reach Aaron directly at aaron@creatingfortunes.ws or 250 813 1207

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