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by ROB HOITINGA - Date: 2007-03-25 - Word Count: 365 Share This!

Global WealthBuilders Offshore Privacy Club (GWOPC) plans to launch on the 15th April and looks as though it is going to have a massive following!

It's offering a similar range of wealth building opportunities to Quantum Leap and during pre-launch it's completely FREE to get in!

There will be absolutely NO sponsoring requirements for our members to earn money. Our members will NOT be required to purchase any products to qualify to earn money. Our members will NOT be required to sell any products to qualify to earn money. Our members will NOT be required to do anything except join us to earn money. Global...We will be accepting members from every country on the planet. WealthBuilders...Our members will have totally free access to a range of wealth building and wealth protection tools that the average person does not even realize exist. Offshore...If your assets are not offshore, they are not safe. Onshore assets are readily available to anyone who wishes to steal them. Spouses, governments, and ambulance chasing lawyers are just a few of the most common asset thieves. Privacy...Our members will be shown how to totally protect their privacy and assets from all of the asset thieves. Club...Our members will be astounded by the benefits membership in our club offers them.

Go to: http://gwbopc.com/bas

And register for free to lock in your position - you can earn a lot from just being in an early position!

I've known it was coming for quite some time, but was sworn to secrecy. I am still not at liberty to disclose who is behind "Global Wealth Builders Offshore Privacy Club", but I can tell you this... I know them, and know them to be trustworthy.

They have been working on this concept for quite some time, to offer an income opportunity for everybody ... including those that have a hard time sponsoring or do not want to sponsor. Workers who share the "Club" with others, becoming Diamond Members, will be generously compensated, not only with referral bonuses, but a % of what their personals make.

Take your free position now, when it comes time to join, you could have a filled or partially filled matrix.

Kind regards Bas Hoitinga

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