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Remember that song, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me"? Catchy tune, funny lyrics, sung by beautiful women. Yeah, that's the one. I remember the first time I saw the video, I thought, I wish I were hot like you! It seemed impossible that I ever could be, though. I am a busy, post-grad, woman. I have children, I work, my schedule is quite hectic. I would wistfully remember how "hot" I once was, and wish I could look that way again. When I would try to regain some of my youthful looks I would get only so far. I can diet for a while, most people can, but the results were never dramatic enough to keep me on the band wagon. I knew what I needed….exercise.

There are tons of exercise programs and systems out there that promise amazing results. I'm sure they deliver, too, if you have at least two hours every single day that you can dedicate to a grueling and exhausting routine. I would try, but I could just not keep it up at such a punishing rate. The trainers would screech out from the screen to get going! Keep moving! But after a long day I just couldn't. If I did the workouts in the morning, I would drag all day long and be snappy to my family. It just wasn't worth the misery. Then I would feel condemned by the self-righteous younglings who seemed to never tire. I would guiltily think, just wait till you walk a mile in my shoes! I bet you'll lose those six pack abs, too! No one wants to have arguments with a workout guru, or his disciples, on the DVD! It's futile.

Then I found AthleanX ! It was like a miracle! The creator, Joe C, is a trainer to top athletes. He explains how you DO NOT have to punish yourself with hour plus workout sessions. He explains how that can actually be detrimental to your ability to shed fat! Hallelujah! AthleanX presents the information describing why the system works in a simple and concise manner. He demonstrates the routines in a manner that is easy to understand. You don't have weeks of trying to learn the moves, like with some programs. You know, where you stand staring at the screen while the trainer performs some gravity defying moves that challenge all the laws of flexibility? The moves that are literally impossible for the average person to ever be able to perform? With AthleanX the moves are simple, you can do them, I promise! Best of all, AthleanX is REALISTIC!! The routines are blessedly short. Even with today's hectic pace, it is no problem to fit in an exercise session with Athlean X. And the results….? Amazing! You can achieve a ripped, toned body like top athletes. You can and will shed the pounds with ease!

Now when the "hot chick" songs get stuck in my head, and I find myself singing them, I don't have to be embarrassed. I can sing them with pride! You can, too! With AthleanX we can all be hot!

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