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Love Lockdown will be the first single off hip hop artist Kanye West's upcoming album 808s & Heartbreak. It was written by West himself in less than ten days before being world premiered live by West as the "explosive" finale of the 2008 MTV VMAs on Sunday, September 7th. The song marks a drastic change for West, standing as his first solo single to feature no rapping, instead sung using the vocal effect of Auto-Tune. After being added to the iTunes store on September 18th, the track quickly rose to #1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart. Love Lockdown is expected to debut in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 next week.

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The popularity of the song has helped make Love Lockdown such an awesome phone ringtone. The track has also topped European and Canadian charts, making the ringtone very popular in those nations as well as in America. Several mobile content providers have placed the Love Lockdown Ringtone near the top of their ringtone charts already. There is no doubt that Kanye West's incredible new hit single Love Lockdown will end up being one of the most popular ringtones of the year. If you're looking for a hot new ringtone for your mobile phone - the Love Lockdown Ringtone is the perfect choice. To download the Love Lockdown Ringtone, simply click on the link below and sign up. You will instantly receive the Love Lockdown Ringtone by Kanye West and be able to download bonus ringtones of your choice!

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