Internet Marketing - Autoresponder Warnings About Spam Complaints - What They REALLY Are

by Gary Simpson - Date: 2007-02-11 - Word Count: 452 Share This!

On many forums, website owners and marketers are worried about the same thing. Spam. But it's not spam that they receive. It's being accused of BEING the spammer.

You see, most Internet Marketers like to capture names and email addresses so that they can stay in touch with their visitors. In order to do this they usually offer a free e-book or an email course or a special newsletter or something.

A visitor evaluates the offer then decides that they will give this information to receive the "freebies." Let's face it, most people love something that is FREE. They get their free stuff and off they go. Mind you, some will get what they want and then immediately unsubscribe. That's not playing the game fair but that is what a lot of people do.

Some days later that very same person receives a "follow up" email from an autoresponder such as Aweber and BOING - a flare goes off in their brain - SPAM ALERT!

What do they do? Well, they could unsubscribe but they have been warned that to do so alerts the nasty spammers that a REAL person is at the other end of that email address. So, they hit their cure-all spam assassination button.

AOL and Hotmail users are the WORST culprits for this. But let's look at it for what it is worth...

Just about very cross-eyed school kid on earth has a hotmail account. Most of them surf the internet. Some of them opt-in to "Aweber style" autoresponder lists. Two days later they forget and decide they don't want the emails that you automatically send via the autoresponder - under THEIR permission.

Half the time they probably don't even read them.

Excuse me for seeming to be arrogant or bombastic here but...

There you are - a person who has developed a website that provides useful information. You have toiled hours and hours every day and night to build it. Your investment is $100's, if not $1000's. Your IQ is probably 130 plus.

Then along comes little Johnny with a face full of pimples and a slingshot in his back pocket and an IQ well below 100. Johnny decides: "Nuh, don't want this stuff no more." So he hits the SPAM button and jets off on his skateboard with a can of spray paint in his hand looking for a wall to deface with his tag.

That is the sort of thing that all autoresponder users are up against. Don't blow a gasket worrying about it. EVERY webmaster has to put up with this. It's part of the cost of having a website and doing business on the internet.

Have I now been able to put some perspective into this matter for you? Don't feel bad. You aren't doing anything wrong. It's them.

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