Personal Goal Planning Setting Success: Focus on Today

by Cheryl A. Clausen - Date: 2007-08-04 - Word Count: 345 Share This!

Focusing on just today will help you to make progress in your personal goal planning and setting success . Right now you're probably feeling lost in all the stuff that you have to deal with each and everyday. You're allowing others to determine your destiny by giving them the power to change your plans at will. Take back control and get on track for success.

What could you do today to make today a success? The best way for you to know the answer to that question is to start with a clear plan for the direction you're headed. Take the time to plan where you want to get and then identify the steps you will need to take to get there.

Put all your focus on just those 1-3 things that would make this day successful. Each night before you go to bed identify the 1-3 top things that would make the next day a success for you. Prioritize them and then systematically work to accomplish each of the most important things. Be ruthless about not allowing others to interrupt you or get you off track. Don't let up until you've got those high priority success making things done.

Only after you've made your day a success should you turn to the other things cluttering your life. Once you've accomplished your top 1-3 things then and only then can you turn to all the rest of the stuff that clutters your life. Keep a list of these things and prioritize them so you immediately know what to tackle once your important things are done. You will be amazed how energized and excited you'll feel knowing that you've accomplished the key things that make that day a success already.

Put your personal goal planning setting success into high gear one day at a time. You can't do anything about yesterday, and you can only plan tomorrow, but you can take action today. Taking action today on your most important success making things will put you on the fast track for success and keep you there.

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