Are You Fat and Happy?

by Lara Lee - Date: 2008-09-18 - Word Count: 367 Share This!

Day in and day out are you telling your self that you are fat, but are you happy with it? There is no harm in being happy with your appearance, but preparing yourself for future destruction is not the way. You do not have to be perfectly anorexic to look beautiful. Every woman is Beautiful. But as long as you are healthy you should be happy with your self.

The most important thing is to get your BMI done, if you fall under the normal category than you are okay. If you are overweight then work on your self. Do not worry once you start working out and eating right you will soon step down from the charts. But joining certain groups which support you being fat and on a risk of diabetes. There are several people who have made a peace with them being fat. It is never a good shot to be a part of such groups, try to join groups which encourage you to lose weight and stay healthy. As research shows losing weight has become a billion dollar industry. Americans are trying to buy the latest weight losing mechanisms, but yet gaining more weight.

This only states that, losing weight is not something which is based upon shortcuts. The perfect way to lose weight is by eating right, and exercising. No shortcut or weight loss gimmick can provide you with your desired appearance. Instead of giving your self comfort in eating and not thinking about the future, indulge your self in eating right and become more healthier. Try finding your self a workout buddy, who will help you with your weight loss process. Positive support groups are essential for weight loss. Try joining a support group nearby or someone who is enthusiastic about staying healthy. Positive motivators are a great find, but often you will have a hard time finding people who encourage you to stay on the right path.

Do not go for the short term thinking "I can eat this I'll diet tomorrow". every day counts so do not listen to such short term encouragements of your friends or other family. You know what is good for your health so make the right choices.

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