Smart Golfers Avoid These Deadly Golf Exercises

by Joey Atlas - Date: 2008-09-18 - Word Count: 437 Share This!

If great golf is your goal - then you shouldn't be working out like the muscle heads in the gym. Here are several purported golf exercises that can actually be hurting your game - and your body for sure.

Truth be told - I cringe when I see golfers pumping up on weights and machines in the gym. As a matter of fact - I think it's pretty foolish for the typical golfer to be lifting weights and pumping up on all the machines to try and enhance his golf performance.

Your golf training emphasis should be on stretching and flexibility improvement exercises - and then core conditioning moves.

Add some hill-work cardio and vestibular conditioning on soft discs or rolled up towels.

Most of what I just mentioned can be done very effectively with simple body-weight exercises.

Throw in some handy and cheap resistance bands, a nice floor mat, a 55 or 65cm swiss/exercise ball, maybe a light medicine ball, and possibly even some light hand-weights (8's, 10's and 12's) - and you have everything you need for some serious golf conditioning and performance improvement - as well as a smart, all around, well balanced fitness program for all areas of your life - even in the bedroom (because that score counts too you know? - just ask your woman).

With all that being said - I know there are still some golfers out there who are going to still 'hit the gym' and do what everyone else is doing... So - if this sounds like you here are a few body and game destroying exercises I would advise you to drop from your program:

ONE - Lat Pulldowns Behind the Neck/Head

TWO - Shoulder Presses from Behind the Head/Neck

THREE - Stiff Legged Dead-lifts

FOUR - Traditional Bench Presses

FIVE - Wide Dumbbell Flyes or Regular Cable Cross Flyes

SIX - Old-School Sit-Ups

Those are just a handful of potential game and body killers - and there are more - but I don't want to overwhelm you. You should understand that as a golf nut you need to be doing exercises that take into account your choice of sport and how your body must perform in that specific sport - in your case the sport being golf.

Unlike every other sport - golf requires a blend of suppleness, power and 'golf-muscle' endurance that simply cannot be achieved on a typical strength training program.

Use total body stretching and flexibility as your foundation, core conditioning as your next level and then golf endurance as the icing on the cake.

Combine each of these golf conditioning elements consistently and your buddies will want to know "what you've been doing".

Whether or not you choose to share your golf secret-weapon with the 'boys' is up to you, big swinger.

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