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by Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn - Date: 2008-07-25 - Word Count: 862 Share This!

How many of you crave more romance in your life? How many of you feel blocked from having the relationship of your dreams?

Finally as I slipped into my mid thirties, after about fifteen single years of looking for that perfect relationship, I got really disgusted. I had done what seemed to be everything.

These are the things I had done.

I had gone to a Learning Annex event where the audience was hypnotized into finding our ideal mate. Nothing. I went to a private session with the same hypnotist. Nothing.

I went to seminars on finding love, read all the books. I studied what men wanted, what they didn't want, how to get married when you are career oriented. I tried being passive, aggressive and inverted my personality for love. I took up five years of ballroom dancing thinking Mr. Right would surface out of the wallpaper, which held me firmly within its grasp. I tried all the best diets, had plastic surgery, finally slaying the "pretty" dragon, but nothing turned into the romance of a lifetime leading to commitment. Nothing.

Finally, I tried a "love spell!"

You might think this to be the ultimate, because it did bring me a committed relationship. However, the man turned out to be innately incompatible with me and we decided the ultimate commitment was inappropriate for us.

Since a love spell had worked once, I decided to try one again. Just like the first time I met a man on the twelfth day after completing the spell. He became my husband. Again, however, there were problems and we ended in divorce.

I went back to the old love spell technique. It worked, but this time the man and I argued a lot. Our values seemed to be quite different.

Something finally shifted in me. I was ready to go deeper. I reviewed what I had done. I had asked for a man who was emotionally, spiritually and mentally correct so the outcome should have been right. This puzzled me. What was missing?

I LEFT MYSELF OUT! I was not emotionally, spiritually and mentally correct for my innermost true self!

Since then, I gained the courage to "come out of the closet" and back up my inner self, my values, beliefs and interests, with action in the outer world. This produced a miraculous by-product. My relationship began improving.

If you have a man but the relationship is not right or you would like to attract love, try "letting yourself out of the closet." Find your "juice," your magic, and act on it.

The more you follow your inner most truth about yourself the better your life will become, including attracting your right relationship and improving the relationship in which you are currently.

Try this. 1. Think of a decision you now need to make in your life right now. For example, let's say you are wondering how to go about finding a love partner or you are in a relationship but you would like more passion in it. As you consider various answers to this question, pay attention to how you feel about each answer. The answer, which makes you feel the lightest, the happiest, the most refreshed, is the correct answer. Follow your heart as much as possible. The more you do, the more magnetic to success you become!

2. Try looking at your wardrobe. What clothes, you now own, make you feel spectacular when you wear them? I know of a woman who is rather full figured. Recently I saw her dressed in a very flattering outfit which brought out her best features and made her look like a "million bucks." She was out "dancing the night away" with heightened energy and a grand smile. Any clothes you own that do not make you feel spectacular should be thrown out! All areas of your life should duly be examined. The more you match your inner self with your outer expression the higher and higher your level of attraction-energy goes!

3. Eating for romance. Take a look at your diet. What foods make you feel great after you eat them? What foods make you feel drained, sluggish and sad? Perhaps your skin breaks out after eating certain foods or you gain excess weight or hold water. I feel energy jumping off the plate each and every time I eat raw vegetables. The more you choose the foods that energize, nourish and are in line with your values, the better your level of attraction will be for romance and success in your life. Eating authentically is integral for success.

Most of us are trained to fit into society. Did your parents force you to eat certain foods growing up? Do you wear clothes that are in style, but perhaps just don't look good on your body? Have you gone out with a certain person because other people valued his or her looks, money or accomplishments, but they just weren't right for you?

It is difficult to be our authentic self in this world. Why? Because our world creates the illusion we need to do or be something in order to be complete. However, the more we reveal our true self, the more we magnetically attract miracles into our life. Be yourself and thrive.

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Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn is "The Intuitive Magic Coach," a five star rated psychic with inherited talent and over 40 years metaphysic experience. Her practice focuses on releasing your true self to experience miracle living. She does Intuitive Magic Coaching, Psychic Readings, Mediumship of deceased loved ones, Public Speaking and writing. Order your FREE copy of "Intuitive Magic: The Secret To Luck!" at .

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