High Octane RC Cars - The Ultimate Toy for Both Kids and Adults

by chad mcdonald - Date: 2007-04-26 - Word Count: 492 Share This!

The need for speed is in all of us. Even if its buried deep down inside you, its there, just waiting to be let out. Youll know it when you pick up a remote, pull a trigger and see an RC car shoot by you faster than what you ever thought was possible. Super fast RC cars will elicit a weird, awe-struck smile from 8 year olds and 50 year olds alike.

Some of the fastest RC cars come prepared as ready-to-run/race or RTR. The RTR RC vehicles are available at many hobby stores, but to find the best deals, you don't need to look further than the computer your sitting in front of. Online retailers of RTR RC trucks, cars and boats can typically offer a broader selection of cars than even the finest hobby stores. Plus, since they dont have a physical store to maintain, they can offer products to you a lot cheaper than most hobby stores.

There are a few different types of RC vehicles available and its important to learn which type would best suit its driver. A basic model RC car is one thats battery powered. Many advancements have taken place in battery power output, especially with NiMh and L-I batteries (Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion, respectively) becoming more popular and widely available. This has resulted in faster battery powered RC trucks, cars and boats and theyre a good bet for younger children who might not foresee the dangers of running a 70Mph gas powered RC car into a large hard object or something else much more important like Dad's new car for example.

Gas powered RC cars have been around for awhile and the rtr models can reach top speeds of 50+Mph. Thats fast, plain and simple. Combine the proper parts and a little know how, anyone is capable of beefing up their rc vehicle to reach even faster top speeds. The gas powered RC vehicles start at around $100.

Nitro powered RC cars, trucks and boats are a mix of gas powered RC cars, trucks and boats and use a special nitro methane fuel mixture to create speeds that are nothing less than freaky. There are nitro powered RC vehicles that come the rtr and itll cost you around $300 for the enjoyment. These cars, trucks and boats have been modified by hobbyists to reach top speeds in excess of 100Mph in clear conditions. Indeed, these little engines are able to produce as much horsepower as that of a low-end lawnmower, which could only result in one thing: Speed.

After getting your car, all you need to get started is an empty, preferably debris free parking lot, fuel and batteries for the remote. You might as well haul along some friends as well, because they'll be astonished when you tell them the blazing speeds your toy can reach. Before you know it this high-octane hobby will sweep the nation because no matter who you are - fast equals fun.

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