Internet, Are you at risk for the Google Ban!?

by NICK LEROY - Date: 2009-05-04 - Word Count: 467 Share This!

Do you think the rules don't apply to you? Are you willing to do whatever you want in order to get high rankings in the search engine...temporarily? Willing to lose all your future search engine traffic for the smallest chance that the search engines don't figure out your tricks? If so... I have a list of techniques that are a sure way to get your site banned from the search engines!!!

Ok, now in all seriousness, sites get banned by search engines on a daily basis. A lot of users do not know that these techniques are "illegal" and will get your site tossed out of a search engine fast than homeless guy at a Ferrari dealership.

1. DO NOT hide your keywords in the background of your webpage. This technique is ancient and hasn't worked since the 90's. Google and other search engines frown upon this technique and if you are found using this technique, more than likely you will be banned.

2. CLOAKING. - Do not create a separate page for the search engines and the users who visit your site. The search engines are smart, they will find out! Be smart and offer the same content to the search engines as you offer your visitors.

3. DO NOT participate in a link farm! Link farms are websites that list hundreds if not thousands of links within their site. If you are caught participating in a link farm, you have a good chance of getting banned by search engines.

4. DO NOT link to link farms or websites that are using questionable techniques to inflate their search engine rankings. This does not include sites that use legitimate or "white hat" SEO, but the sites that are participating in practices listed in this article. A simple link to one of these sites might tell the search engines that you associate or even worse, condone the techniques they use.

5. DO NOT duplicate your content or steal anyone else's content without permission. If all your pages have the same content, not only is it very redundant and not user friendly, but it also annoys the search engines. Search engines want to index the best content there is on the web, so why do they want the same content listed several times? They don't. This technique is more likely to lower your page rank than get you banned; however it's never a good idea to make the search engines angry.

Avoid these practices at all costs, you may get good results initially but like all "illegal" activities, you will at one point get caught. You may not go to jail yourself, but your website will suffer as if it were sitting in jail.

Nick is a member of the DKS SYSTEMS Team. DKS offers Web Redesign, Ecommerce Development and more to it's clients.

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