Hire The Best - 11 Essentials

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These 11 Essentials are based on the beliefs, attitudes and best practices of organizations that have made selection a core competency of their business. They are presented to help you enhance your own success in selection. Hiring the best includes all selections - hires, transfers, promotions and team appointments.

Essential 1: Every opening is seen as an opportunity to improve the organization.
Successful organizations view selection as an opportunity, and as a core competency. The Essentials, in order to be fully and effectively implemented, require the belief that every selection represents an opportunity to improve the organization.

Essential 2: A sense of urgency exists on every open position.

If the belief is that an opening is an opportunity for the organization to improve, then every day that it remains unfilled takes one more day away from the potential improvement.

Essential 3: The selection process is front end loaded.
Time is taken to develop what the position needs rather than having the available applicant pool make that decision for you. A well - planned and developed position requirement and process create the conditions that make the selection process proceed faster, better and at less cost in time, energy and money.

Essential 4: On every opening but true entry - level positions, first consideration is given to current employees.
First consideration to existing employees is a priority and the process of consideration is made as transparent as possible. Nothing encourages retention, accomplishment and high quality referrals more than the knowledge that opportunities to get ahead exist.

Essential 5: Every opening has a process driver.
A process driver is someone who keeps the sense of urgency at a high level; pushes the hiring manager; and coordinates the process to see that the opportunity to select does not get put on the backburner. Without this person and this accountability, selection can and will fall through the cracks, or result in a less than optimum decision.

Essential 6: The Hiring Manager is the decision maker in the hiring process.
At the end of the day, and after all the other inputs are in, the hiring manager is the person responsible for deciding on who the selection will be. The hiring manager is also accountable for the results of the hiring decision.

Essential 7: Managers and interviewers are skilled in selection tools and techniques.
The people involved in the selection process have defined roles and goals in the interview and selection cycle. Intuition is an essential part of any selection decision, but intuition needs to be enhanced through personal and organizational preparation and understanding of what is being looked for in a candidate. Many solid candidates have been turned down because of misunderstandings over position requirements and personal non - job related biases.

Essential 8: Assessments are a critical part of the selection process and are used to provide support information to the perceptions and recommendations of the interviewers.
Assessments, sometimes called Personality Profiles, are used to develop a picture of candidate's Personal Skills, Attitudes and Behaviors. It's recognized that most people do not fail in their positions because of a lack of formal training, education, experience or skill, but because of less obvious issues - and most of those issues revolve around their ability to work with and through people, and build effective working relationships.

Essential 9: Reference checks are an absolute in every selection - internal or external.
Educational records are always checked and the hiring manager always checks with former bosses. Third parties, such as recruiters are not relied on reference information. This is a more specific recommendation than the others in this article. But it is such a commonly ignored and critical thing to do that it needs to be included.

Essential 10: A commitment to the success of the person selected is made.
When someone is selected, as much effort is spent helping them be successful as was spent on the selection process. Careful selection creates a commitment to making the person selected successful - while evaluating the person's performance at the same time.

Essential 11: If a mistake is made, it is fixed as soon as possible.
Even the best of processes result in a mistake being made from time to time. In the best of processes, the mistake is identified and action to correct it is taken as soon as the mistake is determined. Selection decisions that don't work and aren't dealt with decisively have a way of infecting an organization, and reducing morale and effectiveness.

Use these Essentials to audit your own organizations selection and hiring processes. I guarantee the time and effort required to implement these Essentials will be more than paid for with the reduction in selections that don't work out.

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Andy Cox is President of Cox Consulting Group LLC. The focus of his work is on helping organizations and their people increase their success in the hiring, developing and enhancing the performance of leaders and emerging leaders. Cox Consulting Group LLC was started in 1995, and has worked with a wide range of organizations, managers and leaders - helping them define success, achieve success and make the ability to change a competitive advantage. He can be reached at http://coxconsultgroup.com

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