Choosing the Right Fish Tank

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The main goals in choosing the right fish tank are that it looks good, is functional and works for the needs of both the owner and fish. The main factors to consider when choosing the right fish tank are size, shape, location, materials and water type. All of these factors are going to be based upon the needs of the owner and of the fish.

When it comes to deciding on the size of a fish tank you must realize that in this case, bigger is better. A bigger tank will have a filtration system and therefore require less maintenance. Smaller tanks without a filtration system will get dirty fast and require a lot of cleaning which can be harmful to the fish. Fish will live longer in a bigger tank with a filtration system than in a smaller one without a filtration system. It is also important for you to consider the number of fish that will be in the tank. There should be 1 inch of fish for every gallon of water.

There are many choices in the shape of a fish tank. Most commonly the larger tanks are rectangular. The shape you choose is generally based upon the location in which they will put the tank. Spaces with limited space could opt for a flat tank that fits on the wall or a coffee table tank. The shape and size of the tank are two separate things that should be considered separately. You can get a large tank, even for a small space if they choose the right size.

As mentioned the location is going to dictate the shape of the tank. Where you put your tank will also effect the size and the overall look of the tank. If the tank is going to be a display piece then you will naturally put more effort into the details of the look of the tank. The main thing, though, is to ensure the tank will fit into the area and that the weight of a full tank can be supported by the area.

When it comes to tank materials the choice is usually going to be between glass and acrylic. Glass is the least expensive option, but weighs more than acrylic. They are both suitable materials, so the choice is really up to the owner. Glass tanks can be fixed easily when seals leak, but acrylic rarely experience a break. Acrylic gets scratched easily, but is much stronger and lasts longer than glass. However, getting acrylic clean can be more challenging than cleaning glass.

The choice of fresh or saltwater is going to be completely dependent upon the type of fish in the tank. Saltwater fish are usually tropical, with bright, bold colors. They are also more expensive to buy and take care of. Freshwater and saltwater fish should never be mixed as each can not live in the others environment.

Choosing the right fish tank is based upon a mixture of need and preference. You should take into consideration all of the above mentioned factors so that they can choose the tank that best suits them and their fish.

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