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Are you a beginning bodybuilder but don't have a proper bodybuilding diet? This article will talk about bodybuilding diets and what you should do to use them. Below are the three steps to a good, nutritional, bodybuilding diet.

1. The first step is a pretty simple one. You need to have carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in an appropriate amount for every meal. The appropriate amount is 40% of your meal should be carbohydrates, another 40% should be protein, and the final 20% should be fats. It is important that you eat these amounts for each meal otherwise you will not get the results you want.

It is extremely important because if you only eat a certain thing a part of your body will crash. If you eat only carbohydrates your body will crash because it is storing all the carbohydrates that were not used into fat. Also, if you only eat protein your body will not have enough energy and it will not be able to turn the protein you just ate into muscle because that process requires carbohydrates.

2. The second step to a good bodybuilding diet is that you eat small portions throughout the day rather than big meals twice a day. This is important to bodybuilders for two reasons. The first reason is if you don't eat for a few hours your body begins to lose muscle and gain fat, a process in which your body turns to a catabolic state. The reasons this occurs is because your body thinks that it is starving so it begins to eat your lean muscle tissue and prepares to store calories as fat. The other reason is because if you eat several times a day your metabolism will increase which will help you keep the fat off.

Following those two reasons you should prepare to eat around five meals a day. You should space these meals so that you are eating about every 3 hours. This will change depending on the program you are working, your gender, and the goals you wish to accomplish.

3. If you are looking to build muscle mass it is important that you change up your calorie intake. I recommend that you do five days of high calorie intake and follow that with two days of low calorie intake. To figure out what amount of calories you need to take in you do the following formulas:

-Lean body mass times 15 will find the amount of calories you need to take in on a high calorie day.

-Lean body mass times 12 will find the amount of calories you need to take in on a low calorie day.

If you are looking to lose fat while you are trying to build muscle you need to tweak the above program a little bit. You should do five days of low calorie intake followed by 2 days of high calorie intake. You can still use the above formulas you just need to switch the days around.

Thats just one of the many bodybuilding diets that are out there but if you follow those three simple steps you should have a good, healthy bodybuilding diet.

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