Stylish Design and Simple Kor Water Flask

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The new flask incorporates an 8oz drinking glass which doubles as the lid of the container itself. Its flask is perfect size to keep on your nightstand. It's a very clean but soft design. This martini glass is still elegant, still sophisticated, but in a more James Bond way. has now addressed this clash of styles by launching a stylish designer water flask which fits neatly into your handbag and matches your sunglasses. The design is nice and simple and they look very cool engraved. KOR Water Flask is a small pitcher that uses a glass as its lid. We love the nice, simple lines and lovely colors.


Kor water flask is very perfect for your bedside. The flask design is higher quality is fine, flask of a higher quality, and modern design. Colour conscious consumers can opt for either a blue or green version of the KOR Water Flask. The Kor Water Flask includes a small pitcher and a glass as the lid. The glass hold approximately 8oz. 10-1/2" tall by 3-3/8" diameter. The kor water flask is modern shape flask with drinking glass.


KOR water flask available in the two colors shown, that is Green and Blue. The mix of stainless steel soft surfaces, edges and deep red color is just gorgeous products. Katiewong products are famous for striking a fine balance between design and function and the new water flask is no exception. The modern design kor water flask used in stylish designer. It's used on only family accessories, and very clean products. Please purchase online in NewYork city.


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