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by Walid Al Saqqaf - Date: 2007-02-15 - Word Count: 365 Share This!

Knowing where to go and what to do can be a difficult choice. It is especially tough if you're left with organizing a night out with friends or that special meal in a romantic restaurant with your partner. Do you go to websites with hundreds of pages to prowl through or do you ask your friends, one by one, hoping that one of them might know just the place you need?

TrustedPlaces, a London based Web 2.0 start-up, has re-launched with a new urban look and feel. Not only did the site get a new lick of paint but it has also launched a host of new functionality, which allow the user to find and assess content more easily.

New features include 'People who Liked this also Liked', 'Cool Places Nearby' and 'Top Places of the Week'. These tools allow discovery of recommended places based on social, geographical and (with less technical wizardry) our 'editors special picks of the week'. More importantly though a user can assess content by easily seeing how closely their tastes are to the person who created the content. This is done through a simple and fun game, the Taste Finder, where new and existing users are asked to rate their preference for a number of areas such as food, drink, places and people - users can retake the test as often as they like.

Sokratis Papafloratos, co-founder of TrustedPlaces, says 'Today we have taken the first step in becoming more personal and relevant to our members. The Taste Finder lays the foundation for a true recommendation engine that takes into account your set of preferences and your activity on TrustedPlaces, combining them to highlight the places and people who are likely to provide recommendations you can trust. Search is still key, but meshing human intelligence with some clever mathematics allows us to be more proactive and relevant. We're also allowing people to express themselves more fully, by providing customisation of the look and feel through the wallpaper and by giving them more space to share more about themselves and passions.'

He concluded:
'It's all part of our vision of helping people enrich their lives by connecting with like-minded individuals and discovering places of true interest.'

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About TrustedPlaces
"Join the word of mouth revolution… and find great places y real people." TrustedPlaces is a social network around people's interests and favourite places. It is the people's, local guide to original and undiscovered bars, excellent restaurants and traditional pubs that constitute the hidden gems in cities like London. Through TrustedPlaces, business owners can also gain valuable insights into what their customers think about their venue and also attract new customers by interacting with an engaged, targeted audience amplifying word of mouth for their business.

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