Joint Venture Piggybacking

by Robin J. Elliott - Date: 2007-04-17 - Word Count: 487 Share This!

When I was 11 years old, my favorite game at school was similar to piggybacking. I don't remember what we called the game. Small guys like me would ride on the backs of big, strong guys and we would try to pull our opponents over. The best part of Joint Ventures, as well as the easiest and most lucrative, is "Piggybacking". They key to winning was strong arms and a strong "Horse". I had strong arms and I always chose a strong horse, so I usually won. In business, the book, "Horse Sense" by Al Ries and Jack Trout applies the same concept. This book was personally recommended to me by a multimillionaire client of mine, many years ago. I read the book three times.

I recently talked with a man who has 1,200 people in his database. I suggested he offer them Membership in my DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum at a great discount. By sending out two e mails and one voice broadcast and adding value, for which I would pay, and by mentioning the opportunity in his ezine, we estimated that he would have at least 120 join (10%). That would earn him significant money, at no cost or risk to him. That's piggybacking - and it's that simple. The same can be done with shared advertising, mailings, e mails, ezines, direct mail, seminars and business opportunities. Riding on the back of existing distribution, reputation, reach, access and exposure is very effective.

Don't buy a 747 to fly to LA - simply rent a seat. Don't own the overhead or create a competency; borrow it. Consider the power of partnering: everyone wins by sharing underutilized resources and Hidden Assets. And here's the Good News - you don't need to own the resource, be it a database, distribution route or relationship - you simply make the connection - it's called "Triangulation". No risk or cost, no downside, lots of fun and lots of money. You don't need a business to set this up. Link me up with someone else and take a piece of the action. Link Bob up with Sally and get paid on all ensuing business over the next two years, why not?

The key to successful piggybacking is a strong horse and a strong rider - both parties should be ethical, generous, smart, professional and proactive. That's the hard part. I know people whose databases I wouldn't touch with a 20 foot pole. Be selective; be VERY selective. Talk with Members of the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum and if you want to make a lot of money easily, remember that all it takes is a bit of thought. It's not hard work and there's no risk if you're dealing with the right people. Bundle a product or service with one that is already selling well or add a product or service to an existing database or distribution route - that's piggybacking, and it can create increasing, multiple streams of passive income for you.

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