The Fashion Is Over Give Me Back My Breasts

by Mary Rogers - Date: 2007-01-14 - Word Count: 373 Share This!

<p>One year the big breasts are in fashion, so everyone goes and enlarges their breasts. One year, the small breasts are in fashion, so they all go and reduce their breasts. How many surgeries can we perform on our poor breasts and can we keep changing them all the time?!<br /><br />The women's breasts are made of fat, body tissues, and glands all covered with skin. When performing a breast surgery, small incisions are made in order to perform the procedure, the more procedures the surgeon will perform, the more incisions will be performed and the more scars will show.<br /><br />When a reduction surgery is made, the fat, tissues, glands, and skin are being removed to get smaller breasts. When the procedure is made because of medical issues it make sense but when it is made only because fashion says it's a better look this year, then is it the right thing to do? The patient might not be able to get her breasts back after she took some of it off, and won't be able to fit herself to the New Year's new fashion, if different. <br /><br />When an enlargement surgery is made, implants are inserted into the breasts, these implants will cause the breast to look bigger and stand up nicely, after a while the skin and tissues will get use to having the alien object and will grow around it. When the women would want to take the implants out, the breasts will slowly get back to a normal form but not exactly to what they were before. The skin and tissues grew around the implants so now they will have to readjust to the new implant or to having no implants. If no new implants will be inserted the breast will be empty which will cause a saggy look.<br /><br />Before considering any surgery it is very important to know the consequences and to find out what happens if you want to reverse the procedure. When talking to the surgeon about the results and risks it is very important not to forget to talk about the options you will have if you are unsatisfied with the results and also if you want to completely reverse the result.</p>

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