When To Get Medical Assistance For Hair Loss

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To some individuals, they consider their hair as their very best asset. However to those who are going through hair loss, this is not the situation. Rather than being a source of pride and confidence, this very case serves as a factor that lowers their confidence.

Contrary to common belief, age alone does not cause the hair to fall. As a matter of fact, more and more experts agree that there are more specific factors that cause hair loss both in women and men no matter what age, race, and status in life.

Studies show that it is healthy for people to lose at least 100 strands of their hair on a daily basis. This is because this really phenomenon is a common part of the hair growth cycle. Normally, the stands of hair the fell are replaced with a new set of hair stands in less the sixteen weeks or 4 months.

Nonetheless, people who suffer from more amount of hair loss daily must think about seeking medical advice. Seeking advice from the medical doctor with regards to this is very essential not only to discover what causes it but also to make sure that there is no associated obstacle along with the excessive hair loss.

Risk factors of Hair Loss

Professionals say that almost all individuals are susceptible to losing their hair particularly if they don't pay attention to the risk factors involved. It is believed that the main reason for hair loss could be traced to genetics. Individuals whose parents have baldness genes are said to have the strongest risk factor. Hair loss for these individuals is somewhat unavoidable for the reason that nothing could be done about their genes. The thinning of hair and receding hairlines usually manifest once one ages.

Apart from heredity, people who are going through life-threatening sickness like for example cancer and auto immune diseases such as those related with thyroid also have greater risks for hair loss in view of the fact that the sickness themselves weaken the immune system and affect hair growth. Taking in capsules and medical cure for certain diseases and situations also increases the risk to hair loss and alopecia areata, which is may cause lasting hairlessness brought about by pressure as well as different infections in the surroundings.

People who do not pay attention to proper nutrition likewise have higher possibilities for hair loss specially those who are low in protein intake. Women who are pregnant may likewise suffer from short-term hair loss as the nutrition in their bodies is shared with the growing fetus within. Individuals who are taking in birth control pills likewise suffer from this condition due to the hormonal changes that take place in the body. People who change hairstyles habitually and individuals who make use of too much hair treatments may likewise suffer from momentary hair loss.

The needed medical assistance

A person who has a minimum of three risk factors of hair loss should inquire about medical assistance immediately to stop further complications. When you visit the doctor, make sure that you point out all your concerns so he or she could make the correct finding and recommend possible treatment alternative for you.

The medical doctor will run several tests to know what causes your excessive hair loss. Once all the tests have been made, she or he will then explain your situation and will try to give you pills or offer you treatments for brief hair loss. For the reason that no treatment could cure permanent hair loss such as those brought about by genetics and medical cases, the physician can give you options to at least slow down the pace of hair loss.

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