Discover How Essential Oils Help With Wrinkles

by Laurel Levine - Date: 2008-10-30 - Word Count: 512 Share This!

Some people get confused when it comes to essential oils and wrinkles. There was a study, earlier this year concerning fish oil and wrinkles, as well as elasticity, moisture content and roughness. The results were positive, but that has lead to the confusion.

In the study, 24 women between the ages of 40 and 60 took an oral dose of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in "natural stable fish oil". Omega-3 fatty acids are sometimes referred to as "essential" fatty acids, because they are a necessary component of the human diet and are the primary component of the skin's natural oil or sebum.

So, in a discussion of the benefits of supplementation of fish oil and wrinkles, sagging or improved moisture content, supplementation appears to be a good idea. But, when people are talking about essential oils and wrinkles, they are probably NOT talking about fatty acids, especially if they are talking about topically applied creams.

You see, extracts from the avocado, the olive, the Shea nut, jojoba and grape seeds contain fatty acids, very similar to those in human sebum. In clinical studies, when applied directly, these extracts (which are usually referred to as oils or butters) have been shown to increase firmness, fade wrinkles and improve the skin's overall health.

To date, there have been no studies concerning topically applied fish oil and wrinkles or topically applied essential oils and wrinkles. While fish-oil could be beneficial, essential-oils are merely meant to convey the fragrance or "essence" of the plant that they came from. That's where people get confused. They are not actually oil-based, at all, but water-based added fragrances.

In people with perfume allergies, natural fragrances are just as likely to cause a reaction, as a synthetic or chemical-based fragrance. Since are skin becomes more sensitive with age. It is normally recommended that we look for fragrance-free products. If you really want something effective, you might be interested in some other new studies.

While the research concerning fish oil and wrinkles is still in the "pilot" or preliminary stages, multiple studies have confirmed the effectiveness of a protein extracted from sheep's wool and named "Functional Keratin" by the manufacturer.

For many years, wool has been "pressed" to obtain lanolin, which has been used to treat a variety of skin conditions. Lanolin is rich in basic proteins and fatty acids. Only recently were researchers able to extract the keratin proteins from the wool, which is very similar to the keratin that is found in human skin.

This protein, when emulsified and applied to the face and hands of volunteers, has been shown to increase the production of new cells, heal old scars and new wounds, while increasing firmness and promoting the growth of collagen fibers. The best new products on the market do not make claims about essential oils and wrinkles, but they do contain Functional Keratin.

In conclusion, increase your daily intake of fish oil and wrinkles "might" start to disappear. Start applying essential oils and wrinkles will stay the same. Use a cream containing Functional Keratin and you'll see a definite improvement in your appearance.

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