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Bell-bottoms pants, disco music, environmentalism, and VW vans are just a few of the retrospective memories and images elicited for the decade known as the 1970s. The family structure was changing, new morals and values were developing, and the evolution of socially acceptable sexual expression was undeniably evolving. The sexual revolution was in full swing, and partner-swapping was reaching a peak in suburban neighborhoods across the country.

Three decades later, creator and executive producer Mike Kelley examines the drama in the lives of suburban households practicing open marriages in a new pilot produced by the media giant CBS Paramount Network Television. The pilot for this new period drama, appropriately called "Swingtown", will be aired midseason 2008 with the star power of John Hopkins, Lana Parrilla, Molly Parker, Brittany Roberston, and many others.

"Swingtown" touches on subject matter often considered taboo by societal standards and sweeps the audience whole-heartedly into the lives of suburban couples testing the mythical waters of partner-swapping during the 1970s. Neighborhood politics, backstabbing, and interpersonal relationships have never been as entertaining as the family dynamics and relationships are explored in this realistic depiction of suburban life for swingers in the 70s.

The story starts as Susan Miller, played by actress Molly Parker, and her husband Bruce Miller, played by actor Jack Davenport, move into a comfortable Chicago suburb with their two teenage children. The year is 1976, and provocative changes are happening in the Miller family's new community. The Playboy Club and the Mile High club are both actively recruiting, and what better a place to recruit than from the ideal family.

Tom Decker, played by actor Grant Show, and his wife Trina Decker, played by actress Lana Parrilla are the unofficial leaders of the welcoming committee enthusiastically enlisting like-minded neighbors for the local "neighborhood watch". The Decker's definitely give new meaning to the term, and as the outgoing carefree Decker's introduce the Miller family to fresh new parties, popular music, and women's liberation, the sexual revolution of the 1970s collides with old-fashioned ideals.

Sexual expression, homosexuality, and women's sexuality were the heart of the sexual revolution directly conflicting with many of the accepted, radical beliefs of the popular the Freudian theory. "Swingtown" explores the relationship and stark differences between sexual repression and sexual expression by investigating how the changing social expressions directly affected the family structure.

Emmy Award winning director of "Swingtown", Alan Poul, is also credited with bringing us such hits as "Black Rain", "Woman on Top", "Six Feet Under", and "Big Love". Popular writer and producer Mike Kelley is also credited with such films as "Jericho", "The O.C.", and "One Tree Hill". Together, Poul and Kelley are proving to be the dynamic duo in providing an accurate depiction of social expression in the 70s.

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"Swingtown" offers a unique and intriguing look at a lifestyle choice where swapping-partners is just the tip of the iceberg. The era brought dynamic changes to the morals, values, and views of society, and "Swingtown" approaches these serious issues in a compassionate, comical, and stimulating manner.

CBS Paramount Network Television has been responsible for bringing us such series as "Everyone Hates Chris", "Without a Trace, "The Dead Zone", and "Medium". By adding "Swingtown" to the impressive list of productions, CBS Paramount Network Television has proven the times are changing, and CBS plans on taking an innovative step forward in leading the way for controversial topics to be discussed openly and with a flare for entertainment.

Susan and Bruce Miller learn the truth about the swinging lifestyle by confronting the myths associated with the surprisingly popular practice. The strength and bond of their own marriage is put to the test revealing personal truths and realities necessary for this lifestyle choice. "Swingtown" and CBS are taking a closer look at the family and what really forms those delicate family bonds.

This innovative and provocative new series is about exploring the realities of self and the interpersonal relationships we all share. The 70s was a time of change in music, fashion, and self-expression, but often, the 70s was believed to be the "me" generation; a generation where self-gratification was the rule of thumb. "Swingtown" provides a truthful and revealing look at what the 70s was really all about from an inner prospective.

CBS and "Swingtown" have brought us a groundbreaking new series dealing with the truths of family, relationships, love, community, and most importantly, self. While swapping-partners may still be considered taboo in many parts of the world, the sexual revolution of the 70s has brought us the realization truth is not always as far away as one may think. Perhaps Steve Miller said it best, "and we've got to get down to swingtown."

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