Haveing Genital Herpes is a Big Problem

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As we all know, genital herpes is a widespread disease of the genital area. Infection caused by it is messy and very contagious. It affects women and men, and is usually transmitted through sexual contact, and by other means.

It can be transmitted directly contact contaminated items such as towels, diapers and toilet. It can also be transmitted through kissing and in rare cases, oral sexual contact.

It can be transmitted like that because these types of virus can survive outside their natural environment, even for the whole minutes, be careful with what do you feel, try, or if you use public restrooms!

Many of those who carry the disease do not show symptoms at all. It's very dangerous because it can not warn people in good health on its existence. Many people are infected each year, because they ignore the symptoms or because they have no.

Period incubation of the virus is between three to seven days after exposure. Usually, the first infection is violent, serious and he extended the trend, or it may have no symptoms at all, depending on the responsiveness of the patient and the person's immune response.

Genital herpes is manifested at the genitals, where small bags of liquid emerging which later turn into open wounds. Before the clinic lesions appear, the patient may feel local burns, itching, and sometimes purulent surfaces.

After two to four days, the blisters break and they grouped turn into painful ulcers. These sores and pustules ca extend the cover of crusts can cover large areas of the skin.

As we have mentioned, this infection affects both women and men, regardless of the type of sexual activity they develop. People who practice anal sex can get lesions in the anus. Women can, however, experience a lot of pain if the virus is located at the urethra. Itchy and burning feelings undoubtedly bother infected woman, and this condition is needed immediate treatment.

Headaches or cold, even fever, these are some of the symptoms, which can be produced by exposure to the virus. The damage caused by it can sometimes extend to the thighs. For the treatment of the disease there are anti-viral drugs, which shorten the development and reduces the severity of the infection.

Unfortunately, until today, specialists were unable to develop a treatment to prevent the state latency of the virus. Also, there is no cure for the permanent removal of the virus in the human body. The virus can not be controlled.

Extent in processing time has proved effective in preventing the incidence of recurrence of genital herpes, and to reduce infection. The anti-viral treatment must be conducted for a period not exceeding fourteen days, and if the skin lesions do not heal after this period of time, the treatment can be extended by seven days.

What really counts is to see a doctor on the matter and not leave unattended the state and, most important of all, protection to prevent contamination.

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