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Minimize the stress in your life and stay sane. Here is something that
very few people take into consideration, employers like 'sane' and
reliable employees. You must work on staying calm no matter how
stressful the situations get (while at work and at home). If you allow
stress and crazy people into your life to mess with you, you will
become so harassed and your employers will believe you are incapable
with your job. They won't want you in the job even if you have
impeccable skills.

It is better to break up friendships with people who create tension
and anxiety in your life. Having toxic friends is dangerous and this
can cause a great number of hidden stresses, which employers can see.
Employers are trained to notice unstable people, so if they get a bad
feeling about you, you will not be favored for long and because of
this, you will be fired as soon as another person is found to fill
your space.

If you can communicate clearly and are able to deal with work
pressure, you will demonstrate that misunderstandings will not be
happening on your shift. This is very serious and important. You need
to talk and communicate with your colleagues and supervisors, and at
all levels, in your work place without being rude to anyone, even if
by accident. You have to find a way to get along with other employees,
even if you really dislike them. If anyone is offensive just stay
cool; they may be testing you. However, if your employers are actually
rude towards you, then it may be in your best interest to resign. If
this ever happens to you then don't despair because
and the have so many new positions online each day
and you may not be unemployed for long with help from these great
online sites.

Be realistic about the stress of making long trips to and from work,
because it can become very depressing. Think about the nervous
tension that a long journey will create in your daily life. We are
talking early morning and late afternoon traffic, bottlenecks, and bad
weather, high fuel costs and time you could be spending with your
family and precious leisure time. It is more logical and plausible to
find work closer to your home, so that you will not end up feeling
resentment towards your job and regretting your working conditions.

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