Bottled Drinking Water Versus Tap Water: Helping You Make The Right Choice.

by Tracie M. Loewe - Date: 2007-01-05 - Word Count: 468 Share This!

Do you drink bottled drinking water? If the answer is yes, then you certainly are not alone. According to reports by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), more than half of all Americans buy bottled drinking water that is to the tune of $4 billion yearly. It is widely believed that bottled water of from the majestic snow capped mountains and glaciers are more pure and safer to drink as compared to tap water, however this may not always be true as presented on NRDC's website at Besides another reputable source on bottled drinking water is the World Health Organization; and you can check out this site at for more information from a different perspective. Though not all bottled drinking water is under scrutiny, but the fact remains that not all is safe and pure. Who knows, you may just be buying tap water that has been bottled and then sold at nearly 10,000 times the cost of what you pay for your own tap water.

Some may ask why do consumers pay such a lot on bottled drinking water. Perhaps some would say that the city tap water is less than desirable; it smells bad and tastes funky. That alone would be enough for me right there. Besides there are other reasons why some people choose to buy bottled drinking water. Of which, is convenience. Not everyone feels like carrying around a Nalgene bottle everyday. It's just one more thing to keep track of throughout the day. Of course, bottled drinking water is always an alternative to soda or other caloric beverages, and maybe even better for you if some of it is just tap water. In the past few years there has been much discussion about the contaminants present in public water supplies, which is the reason why companies that package bottled drinking water are doing so well. Bottled drinking water just has the image of being safer and purer than what comes out of our tap. In all reality, we just shouldn't have to choose bottled drinking water over tap water, even if it is trendier.

Before you start buying bottled drinking water you may want to check out the brand you care considering consuming great quantities of. For instance Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water, has a very customer friendly website at where you can find answers to most if not all of your questions about this popular brand of bottled drinking water. Just look out for the label of the next bottle of water you pick up and check to see if they have a website and just what type of information they provide to consumers. In case they don't offer what you want to know, then I'd be checking out another brand, or maybe just sticking with the tap water. It's simply cheaper!

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