Nostalgia of My Hometown

by Prateek N. Kumar - Date: 2008-09-10 - Word Count: 315 Share This!

It has been almost 10 long years since I cought that fateful train on 11th Aug 1998 from my hometown Ranchi . Then I had a dream in my eyes of making it big in Mumbai,one more to add up to those 1000s,I must say the city of dream was not so kind in the bigining as I had to spend the first night here at the platform....sounds romantic straight out of bollywood script, one more of many thing for which Mumbai is famous for ......

Time changed, I changed and so did the dreams...Mumbai became a karmabhoomi........

On a busy day ,I still try to stop and gaze the skyscrapers and become nostalgic about that naive boy who came here with a dream in his eyes,I become nostalgic of times in 2001 when I started working and was trying to sell Stall space for an Exhibition and in the bargain was insulted by numerous Jwellers and their Watchmen..........I still think of the guy who had to walk the streach from Andheri to Mahim because he did not had a penny in his pocket to eat or pay the bus fare -8 years back Event Management was not such a lucrative carrier that it is today. The I think of those resolve of not returning home a "looser" with shattered dream......each day a fighting chance to get a knuckle hold in the event management industry and trying to be successful.......time passed.....years flew and Mumbai bekoned my dreams.....gave me a home when I was searching for one....gave me hurdles to strengthen my resolve......and gave me hope, when I thought there was none.....Mumbai......My Home & My City.....

The eyes become dreamy once again.....din of the city that I love so much and identify myself with diminishes....and I go back to that naive boy sleeping on the platform,scared of the crowd and lonelyness but dreams in his eyes and resolve in his spirits.

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