Scene Hairstyles For Scene Kids And Teens

by Richard Tyler - Date: 2010-06-21 - Word Count: 464 Share This!

If you have seen kids out in the street with different types of hair styles and colors, there is a good chance that you are looking at a scene kid or teen. In this article, we will look at the hairstyle choices that many youngsters, especially scene kids, are choosing.

My friend Laura phoned me the other day in hysterics. Her daughter, Sarah, had just walked in the door with her hair heavily teased and streaked in different shades of purple and pink.

Laura, knowing that I keep up with the youth movement, asked: "What is going on with these kids. Why would Sarah do this with her hair? She was such a pretty girl and now look!"

"Laura," I said, "You must calm down. This look is becoming more and more common with kids and teens these days. It is part of what is called being a scene kid."

"Well," Laura declared, "I simply do not like it!"

Laura is not alone as many parents are shocked when their child embraces the scene movement and begins to style their hair differently than before. The reason that a scene hairstyle can shock parents is that it often looks very different than a traditional haircut.

Let's look at what defines a scene haircut.

The first thing that must be mentioned with this style of haircut is the colors. It would be fair to say that it is not a true scene haircut if it does not have some form of color. This type of hairstyle started out with the kids and teens dying their hair black and then adding some form of blonde streaks to it. However, it is much more than that now, as scene kids have branched out with many colors. The current in style scene hair colors are purple, red, and strawberry.

The second thing that we would look at to identify scene hair is the way that it is done. Scene hair cannot be defined by the length of the hair but rather by what has been done to the hair. One thing that clearly identifies scene hair is that it is puffy and teased. Thus, it will not at all be matted to the head. Layers have also become quite common with scene girls as well as bangs-bangs are always a part of scene girl hair.

The third thing that you will notice is not the hair itself but what is in it. Kids that want to be scene nearly always are putting something in their hair, like a bow. Or, they will wear a headband to highlight and accentuate their look.

The reason that parents get so startled when they see that their child has a scene haircut is because it looks so different. In fact, the scene movement is all about being different and the hairstyle reflects this.

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