What's Hot and not for your Baby Girl

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Any mom or mom-to-be would love to spend fond hours thinking about how to deck up their little princesses in the most charming of outfits and make them stand out in the crowd. Such is the pleasure in having a baby girl and the little unparalleled joys of having her at the center of your world. Keeping in mind such super delicate feelings and the superb baby dolls, girl's fashion has taken a leap forward in today's time, with numerous cool designer brands packing the scene to make a place in every closet.

Fashion has always been an exciting factor for everyone, but it is a tad more impressive and adorable when it comes to draping those little angels. Be it the layettes, dresses, shirts, sweaters, onesies, frog suits, skirts, pants or jumpers, there is a fashion rolling for each and in every shop or boutique. You just need to know what's best and hot for your darling daughter, niece or granddaughter and what's not. So here are some essential pointers to buying baby-gears for the girl child you love so dearly.

Comfort: No matter how gorgeous the dress is or how stunning you think your little one would look in that, forget a dress if it is not comfortable enough for an infant or toddler. To make the dresses look cute, designers often give accents to these that can be bothersome to the child. So careful-no itchy tags, tight elastics, scratchy laces or stifling neckline. And keep the seasonality factor in mind as well-no layered dresses in summer, save the satins for winter, pastels for spring and so on.

Handiness: Your baby girl may invite hugs and cuddles in one oh-so-pretty dress and you may take pride in that too, but imagine if changing diapers in that dress is harder than putting it on, you might just not like your little darling to wear it anymore, would you? Therefore, buy clothes which are easy to put on or take off for her.

Perfect fit: Fitting is of significant import to any dress-be it a boutique girls clothing or any ordinary home-stitched fashion frock. Many boutiques today sell unique mix-n-match colors and fabrics for those teeny-weeny dolls, but you must remember that sizing is more important than style. The choky tees or skinny jeans may be a huge letdown for the plus-sized young one or a flowing unmanageable frilly jumper may increase chances of a free fall for your petite toddler. In either case, consider twice.

Personality match: As much essential as matching size, is matching the dress with the personality of your girl. If your infant or toddler girl is bubbly and restless, let the colors speak for her. Choose bright and vibrant shades of bloomers or wrap tees. And if your little princess is restfully quiet, the floral pastels would be right compliments to her personality.

So now that you know the basic start-ups for buying a baby girl's clothing, get set to pamper your doll as much as you can and be the proud mamma!

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