Micro Hdmi Cable For Your Smart Phone

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The latest innovation in mobile technology comes in the form of the micro HDMI cable for your smart phone. Focusing on the latest HDMI 1.4 technology, these connectors offer a much more compact and efficient version of the main features designed for portable devices. You can enjoy high definition media using video signals extending up to 1080p resolutions. Anyone who wants the latest videos and content in their full glory should get hold of one for the best results.

These cables are a lot different as compared to the previous versions that were fitted for your older cell phones. A micro HDMI cable is a lot smaller and belongs to the class D type of connectors which are intended for use only on the latest models. Two high performance mobile devices that support this technology are the HTC EVO 4G and the Motorola Droid X. If you own either of these phones, or have plans of buying them in the future, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this new input system.

There are quite a few differences between the new cables and the old ones that use the class C system. The micro form factor makes it resemble a micro USB connector for devices where space is the premium need. The features all still work, however the new micro HDMI connectors take up to fifty percent less space than the mini HDMI models. Users can now enjoy the full power and functionality of HD content in their handheld devices without any problems. It meets all the durability requirements and specifications, and is perfect for use with several component applications.

Going into the more technical features of the connector, it offers multiple PCB configurations, and the ability of mating as per customer specific requirements. It has excellent retention and prevents any form of PCB receptacle damage that might occur because of over insertion of the cable plug. It also prevents terminal stubbing, and has a more tactile feel making it perfect for handheld devices. The micro HDMI cables have a full nineteen pin array as any normal HDMI set, so you do not have to compromise on video quality. This makes it a great choice for users who have mobile entertainment listed among their highest priorities.

Some people have reported problems with the new system stating with that the technology does not offer full 1080p HD output on their HTC devices as promised. A common mistake made in such an assumption is that it is the cable is faulty and not the device. The EVO is designed for a maximum video output of 720p resolution and even if you use the latest micro HDMI technology, it will never be able to play back or record videos at full 1080p resolution because of the device constraints and limitations that are imposed upon it. This should be taken into consideration before you chose your smart phone model.

The new cable might be the cause of a lot of discussion and confusion among device owners, but it is definitely a step forward in the evolution of smart phones and other handheld devices. You can actually enjoy the best of high definition content from around the world in your pocket without the need of an expensive HDTV setup. The new system offers a lot more functionality and it takes less space, so you can use an improved design that can be carried around with you wherever you want. Lots of retailers will be stocking up on a micro HDMI cable in the near future, so you should test it out for yourself and experience the magic with your own eyes.

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