What is the Best Web Design According to You?

by Naman Jain - Date: 2008-07-17 - Word Count: 408 Share This!

Web designers across the world, debate on this topic. For them the technique that they practice is the best web design, whereas the SEO or the search engine optimizers argue that those websites that are crawled by the search engines and rank on the SERPs are the best designed websites. Coming to think of it, both the designers and SEOs are justified in their definition of website designing.

But the fact that cannot be ignored is that every website differs in design based on its individual requirement. A social community website cannot be designed similar to an e commerce website. Both of them differ in design rightly, due to the vast difference in their purpose. But the interesting thing to note here is that both these websites meet similar requirement on one ground, that is, influx. Just like a social website requires visitors to come and browse through their site and become their member, so does the e commerce website. They too require traffic to visit their pages and make necessary purchases to increase their sales.

This brings us to some common factors that any website should require to be called best. These factors include navigation, content, design and development too. A good web design is one, which considers both the end user and the search engine important and utilize its tools to address both. The navigation of the website must be excellent and easy, so that neither the search engines nor the end user have any difficulty in browsing through the website. While designing the website, it is important to pay attention to the navigation and link placement in the site. Too many links in the same page, give a cluttered feel to the site and the end user will have a tendency to get lost in the site somewhere.

On the other hand a too shabbily constructed page with very few links scattered here and there give an empty feel to the site. Hence the web design of the site must be extremely synchronized and in place for best results. Content is another important aspect of web designing. Quality content is not only useful in catching the attention of the users, but it is also useful in ranking of the website in the search engines. As soon as the websites are updated with fresh content they begin to rank higher in the SERPs. So it is suggested that you keep your website updated with fresh and quality content always.

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