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GALACTICA.TV, the site that focuses on all people in front of or behind the camera of all Battlestar Galactica series.

The GALACTICA.TV site brings new interviews with cast and crew in an online magazine style. Interviews you won't find anywhere else, stories that never have been told and a forum to discuss them. Also fans with amazing research and articles are welcomed to send them in. We recently found two amazing guys that have a long running Battlestar Galactica podcast series that are going to do a podcast for us as well. All the interviews we've done will therefor be offered in text as well as in audio soon!

We're building this site with the 100s of people we know in person from all the Battlestar Galactica series, from the original 1978 series to the new 2003 series on TV now. We started contacting them as fans many years ago and we continued doing so (also for the latest Battlestar Galactica series) up until today. Some stories have never been told for over 27 years and are an unique and new perspective to the stories you read on other sites.

We're also in good contact with many of the main cast and even made several of their official websites, like for Terry Carter (Col. Tigh in the original series), Anne Lockhart (Sheba in the original series), Noah Hathaway (Boxey in the original series) and Leah Cairns (Racetrack in the new series).

We won't offer small 3 question, shallow interviews. We really go in depth and often interview cast for a full hour or longer (the record stands at 1 hour and 45 minutes!). So don't miss out on these stories and visit the GALACTICA.TV website.

Check it out at:

Hope to see you soon!

Marcel Damen webmaster GALACTICA.TV

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