What is a Unique Diaper Cake

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Unique Diaper Cakes:

Unique diaper cakes are those baby cakes, which look attractive and simultaneously fulfill most of the requirements of a baby. They come in different shapes and designs. These can be layer cakes, cup cakes or cakes with number of tiers varying from 1-6. Ideal sizes of unique diaper cakes having tiers are - 21"x 16", 18"x12" and 15"x10".

Attractive Features:

Unique diaper cakes come with several attractive features that may please a new mother, when her family members and friends present her with such gifts:

1. Diapers are in a number ranging from 40-100 and are easy to use. A person has to open the ribbons and diapers are handily available for use.

2. Unique diaper cakes carry a variety of other baby products than just diapers. These include diaper creams, baby powder, baby caps, layette set, cotton swabs, baby shampoo, teddy bear, towels, sleeping gowns, baby bottles, baby wash clothes, receiving blankets and baby toys such as rattles, bath toys, and plastic keys.

3. The most prominent feature of unique diaper cakes lies in their resemblance to an actual cake, which creates an entire atmosphere of celebration and excitement.

4. Unique diaper cakes can well compliment a baby shower event and make excellent standalone gifts.

5. Unique diaper cakes not only focus on including several baby products in their packages, but also on quality. Diapers and other products are of premium quality, so a mother is free to use them for her baby with confidence.

6. These cakes display an elegant design with decorations done by using colorful ribbons, stuff toys and a cute bib.

Lastly, note that unique diaper cakes are hand-made packets, which are created in a completely no-smoke environment and under most suitable conditions, to ensure a safe and wonderful baby gift experience.

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