Does Paid Survey Work? Case Study

by Neil Morrical - Date: 2007-02-23 - Word Count: 439 Share This!

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Doesn't this sound too good to be true? Well, your suspicions are correct. As an affiliate marketer I have seen my share of products and scams in the online marketplace. Before I attempt to sell anything online I first review or conduct a study about the product or service. This educates me about the product so I can keep my reputation safe. After joining over 20 different paid survey sites and filling out a load of these "paid surveys" I discovered the following:

Most Paid Surveys are Actually Paid Out in the Form of Points and Sweepstakes Entries.

Paid Surveys usually result in a reward in the form of the surveyed company's product or samples of their products. Another popular reward comes in the form of sweepstakes entries... How am I supposed to fill my gas tank with sweepstakes entries? Can I feed my wife and kids sweepstakes entries? The truth is, that in over 90% of the paid surveys I took, I received either points for purchasing the company's products or some form of savings on their products and services.

You Do Not Qualify for Most of the Surveys.

In most cases, before you can actually take a paid survey, you have to take a pre-qualifying survey. This can prove to be quite a waste of your time because you may have to answer loads of questions and provide your personal information only to discover that this paid survey is not available to you at the present time.

Observation: Not as Good of a Payout as Indicated

Findings: If you really hustle and don't hesitate to give out all of your personal information to as many companies as possible then you can finish a paid survey in about 20 to 30 minutes. Here's another let down... You'll actually receive about $1 to $5 for that paid survey so you're going to average about minimum wage for really putting up with a lot of irritation.

What are Companies Getting Out of Paid Surveys?

You may not realize it just yet, but paid surveys are an excellent marketing tactic. Think about it... A company offers you $25 if you take their customer review survey. You take the paid survey. After providing your personal information, filling out a pre-qualifying survey, and finally taking the paid survey you discover that you can take the $25 now or $200 off a name-brand 42" plasma TV. Kind of hard to take your cash payment now isn't it?

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Is there a Paid Survey Alternative that works?

Yes, and it will not suck all of your time out of your day, or require you to give out your personal information and risk identity theft just to make minimum wage. Paid surveys will only produce so much income and eventually you will get sick of so called making money online.

If you are serious about working at home and you can set aside at least two hours on week nights, I guarantee this strategy will work for you. To learn more about this powerful and easy method, visit Paid Survey Alternative. There, you'll receive FREE information on how you can get started making $20+ per hour.

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