Persecution Writing Hurdles Can Turn Into Writing Victories

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Turn Those Persecution Writing Hurdles Into Writing Victories

Persecution stalks everyone but the Christian writer may feel its sting more often because he or she is spreading God's Word. What is persecution and how can the Christian writer overcome these insidious writing hurdles? Better yet, how can these hurdles become writing victories?

From the online Encarta Dictionary comes: "1. persecution is subjecting of a group of people to cruel or unfair treatment, for example, because of their ethnic origin or religious beliefs and 2. suffering of persecuted people: the suffering felt by persecuted people." As Christians we know that persecution is hurtful but such negativity need not hinder any of our writing projects.

Examples of writing persecution might be an editor who won't view your writings, or carelessly gives you the brush off. An editor might discriminate, saying that you're not of his denomination and not qualified to write for his publication.

There are also editors who give out false information in their guidelines and Website. In addition, they may refer a writer to a publication that has expired. There are also unscrupulous editors who lie to the writer, saying that they want to publish their article, and then don't. Most frustrating, are editors who guarantee payment for an article, then renege at the last minute.

Other insidious areas where writing hurdles exist are: mental and physical blocks that slow your writing, constant interruptions, loud noises or problems with a computer, difficulties when researching, little support from family or friends, and inner turmoil. What can a writer do when so frustrated?


Do as Christ did, keep moving! When he was confronted with persecution, he went to another area, another town. Relocating is not always feasible or smart but you can move on to other publications and other editors.


For support, Christ selected a group of disciples. Christian writers can do the same by forming Christian writing groups. Such groups can be found on the Web or in Christian magazines. An example of a wonderful Christian site is Author, Kimn Swenson Gollnick has many excellent resources and aids for the Christian writer.


Stay positive and focused. To do this, keep regular hours, get plenty of sleep, daily pray and read the Bible. The best weapon and resource for the Christian writer is the Bible. Know and follow its guidelines.


When you feel the sting of persecution, don't take it personal! Turn that lemon of writing rejection into lemonade by writing an inspirational article about the incident, explaining how you overcame it! This will give you release and an inspirational article!

Words from Sandy Tritt, Inspiration for Writers, "Elements of Craft, and Seven Deadly Sins of Writing" are uplifting. She writes, "Writers who accept rejection as defeat will never be published." Fifth:

Be comprehensive and professional in your research for information. Search tools on the Web and Christian newsletters can help greatly. In an article by Chris Gavaler, titled "Manufacturing Inspiration" from Writer's Write, comes helpful hints. Ms. Gavaler explains that inspiration to write is not needed from outside sources but a "commitment" from within. She writes that acquiring good writing habits like getting up early in the morning, setting and maintaining short and long term goals, writing no matter how easy or difficult the words come, and having someone read your work will help keep you steady and focused.

Finish Line:

Remember, never allow persecution-writing hurdles slow you down! Keep moving! Form a Christian writing group, stay motivated and positive, maintain good health habits, form clear, Christian writing goals and keep a flexible writing schedule.


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